At Backpacker Car World we provide a number of services that will help you on your trip, and to buy and sell your car or van in the correct way for New Zealand laws.

All of these services are available to you whether you have bought your car at backpacker car world or anywhere else.

1.Vehicle Information Report (VIR) / Legal Check

1 in 3 cars for sale in New Zealand have money owing, a wound odometer or are reported stolen. If you buy a car without getting a vehicle history check you run the risk of the car being repossessed or being worth far less than you paid for it.

All we need is the number plate of the car, so bring it in and we can do one of these checks in a few seconds for you. This check can save you thousands in the long run and is a very important. It is the first step in the buying process. More info

2. Mechanical checks / Pre-purchase inspection

Once you have got a VIR done and it is good the next step is to get the car inspected mechanically. Checking the car mechanically is very important; it can save you a lot of money. Remember you are making an investment in your vehicle and this will help you decide if it is a good one.

Here at BCW we use a number of different independent garages to perform these mechanical checks. This is obviously important, as once you have bought the car any repairs will be at your cost. It is something that you can use whilst negotiating your price and will help you maintain your vehicle in the correct manner whilst you are traveling.

Book mechanical check now

What does a mechanical check?

3. Change of ownership

Whether you are buying or selling a car or van then you must change the ownership of the vehicle before the deal is completed.

In New Zealand it is very simple, we only need the new owners details along with the vehicle number plate and we can perform this within a few minutes.

If you are selling a vehicle then you don't have to worry the ownership is changed instantly so no fines or any problems the new owners incur will go to you.

If you are buying then you will receive all your documents immediately and you can use our address to register the vehicle to if you do not have a permanent address in New Zealand.

4. Insurance

Getting insurance is essential on your new car or camper van. As a non -resident in New Zealand there are very few policies that will cover you. We guarantee to have the cheapest insurance. get a quote.

5. Roadside Assistance/ Breakdown Cover

When you are traveling around New Zealand you might want the peace of mind of having a 24 hour breakdown cover. This covers you for any breakdown across New Zealand. If the worst does happen then there will be someone on their way to help you get back on the road, or to a garage to have your vehicle repaired as soon as possible. We have different lengths of cover 3,6,9 0r 12 months of cover. See Prices

6. Mechanical warranties

Mechanical warranties in New Zealand work much like they do all over the world. It is an insurance policy for the mechanics of the car, so if you have any problems you can claim the cost of the repairs. The car must have a mechanical check before you take the warranty cover to make sure there are no residual issues with the car then you will be covered for 12 months without having to worry about mechanical problems. Click here for prices, terms and conditions.

7. Ferry Tickets

At BCW we have the cheapest possible tickets for the ferry. As well as being the cheapest when you purchase your tickets through us you will be able to change the dates as many times as you like for free, so don’t worry if you are not sure of the exact dates!

Get your car insurance now
online! Best Rates

Get your car insurance now
online! Best Rates

Get ahold of us and we can
help you from there!

Get ahold of us and we can
help you from there!

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