Travel Teaches You Confidence, Independence and Freedom – Lessons from Travel.

Travel Teaches You Confidence, Independence and Freedom – Lessons from Travel.

Are Backpackers Introverts?

Backpackers are introverts, right? Wrong. By their very nature, backpackers are independent, extroverted, and ready to make friends with strangers. They’re also free which is exactly what allows them to be this way. And when you travel without fear of the unknown, you become fearless – or at least much more confident in your decisions.

Moreover, you discover that you can negotiate a taxi price at the airport, plan a budget for a month-long trip in a foreign country, and handle any situation.

The world becomes your oyster.

In this way, travel is one of life’s greatest teachers to understand whether backpackers are introverts. Further, travel teaches you that there’s no better way to learn than through experience.

Backpackers are introverts
Man Enjoying the Nature

So, why do we all say that travel makes you care less about material things?

Perhaps it’s the mindset one takes on when confronted with challenging situations like spending three hours in line at the airport or countless hours on buses and subways. Or maybe it’s because your worldview becomes so much larger than the day-to-day dilemmas of home life.

Whatever the reason, backpackers know this feeling well. That’s why they break out into song during long bus rides, take amazing photos without hesitation, and embrace new cultural experiences headfirst! And by traveling solo, you’ll meet just as many people who are happy to include you in your travel circle.

Here are 10 of the best life lessons you can learn through travel.

1) You Can Survive Anywhere

Surviving becomes less challenging when you remove your expectations.

Backpackers know that backpacking across crappy campsites, surviving on insane bus schedules, and getting out of foreign cities at the crack of dawn are all part of the adventure. So regardless if you’re traveling or not, there will be many times in life when things go wrong – whether it’s a flat tire or an annoying roommate, and how you handle those situations is key to success.

2) Your Limits are Self-imposed

Thoughts become limitations because they influence your decisions.

When you travel solo or with friends, random people will say hello while others ask for favors; sometimes we agree and other times we brush them off simply because we’re afraid of saying yes to new experiences. But the more you say yes, the more you will experience life and gain perspective on what’s possible for you, your dreams, and how to achieve them.

3) You Can Explore without Money

I’ve traveled for over half a year in Southeast Asia with $7000 – that was enough to travel through eleven countries!

You might think that backpackers are introverts who are able to travel cheaply because they don’t have responsibilities like credit card bills or car payments so they can spend all their money on traveling. Sure, this is true but it doesn’t mean that if you live pay check-to-pay check then travel is impossible. Instead of spending on materialistic things like fancy dinners and clothes, try saving up every month until you have enough money to travel.

4) You Can Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Experiencing a new culture, adapting to a new environment, and meeting completely new people is not easy – even if you’re traveling solo.

You have to learn how to deal with the unknown and be okay with taking risks because that’s what allows you to really experience life in its beauty and messiness without fear of judgment from others. And by learning this lesson while traveling, you’ll find it much easier when faced with discomfort later in life.

Backpackers are introverts
Living Life the Way You Want

5) Enjoying Experiences Over Things

Don’t buy things to impress people. Buy experiences that remind you of the good times.

When it comes to travel, what’s more important? A fancy dinner or an epic waterfall hike? You might say dinner because your taste buds are rewarding you with delicious food but spending hours hiking up a mountain is also rewarding – not only physically but emotionally too. This doesn’t mean you should avoid buying nice things, but rather quality over quantity. It’s much better to have one pair of comfortable shoes than ten pairs of uncomfortable ones – especially if those shoes are only worn once!

6) The World Becomes Your Classroom

The world becomes your classroom for learning about new cultures and traditions without having to attend lectures or read books.

There’s nothing better than living in a new place and learning about its culture and traditions without having to go through the painstaking process of studying. And while you’re there, don’t just keep your eyes glued on your map; instead, make an effort to speak with locals who can give their perspective on life in their city.

7) You Learn More by Traveling Slower

Traveling is not a race – it’s a journey.

Most people spend just a few days or weeks traveling before moving onto the next destination but why rush if seeing more places means being exposed to more cultures, experiences, and opportunities? The world is open for exploration so take your time getting from one place to another so you can really appreciate what each place has to offer.

8) You Become More Independent

Backpackers are introverts as traveling teaches them independence by giving them the right confidence in their decisions and the freedom to make them.

Do you find yourself relying on others for guidance? Why not venture out into the world alone and learn how to trust in your own judgment – after all, traveling is all about deciding what you want to do next! And when it comes time to leave a place, don’t feel like you have to wait for anyone; saying goodbye is never easy but embracing new opportunities is part of life’s journey. So go ahead, travel well, and enjoy every minute of it!

Backpackers are introverts
 Girl Sitting by the Mountains

9) You Never Ever Take Nature for Granted Again

It’s sad how people see the beauty of nature as a hassle to deal with whether it’s trying to hike through rainforest terrain or waiting for hours in line at the Eiffel Tower. However, when you travel you become extremely grateful for what Mother Nature has to offer because without her support our lives wouldn’t be possible. So next time you’re thinking about complaining about wait times, remember that there are millions of children who can’t experience what you can simply because they don’t have clean water.

10) Think Out of The Box

Travel teaches you how to think outside of the box because you realize that there’s so much more than what your textbooks teach you.

man sitting on gray dock

Much like technology, education is evolving – but it can’t keep up if we’re mindlessly following outdated information. So why not get out of the classroom (whether physically or virtually) and see firsthand if anything ever changes? You might be surprised by what you find!

In conclusion, these invaluable lessons learned from travel are just what you need to make a decision whether or not backpackers are introverts. Further, it will help you to explore new opportunities, embrace change, and start living life on your terms. So what are you waiting for? Your future is waiting!

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