How to Conquer Switzerland’s Jungfrau Peak? Tips for Inspiration!

How to Conquer Switzerland’s Jungfrau Peak? Tips for Inspiration!

Have you ever given a thought to how to conquer Switzerland’s Jungfrau Peak at least once in life? Then keep scrolling for more inspiration. Jungfrau is the highest mountain peak in Switzerland. The German word “Jungfrau” means a ‘young woman. The whole area is covered with snow for most of the year and thus holds a very significant position in the top ten coldest places on earth. But those who have been here will tell you how fascinating this place is.

Mountain climbing in Switzerland is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and so is the journey to Jungfrau Peak. If you are excited to explore this wonderful peak, this article will show you the exact path you should follow.

Overview of Jungfrau – The Legendary Roof of Europe

Jungfrau | Image Source – Flickr
  • Location – Between the northern canton of Bern and the southern canton of Valais
  • Map
  • Weather – Warmest 3.1°C | Coldest -16.4°C
  • Popular Transport – Train

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Conquer Switzerland’s Jungfrau Peak – a Worldly Scene in the Land of White Snow

Quick Guide to Visiting Lucerne

Road to Jungfrau | Image Source – Pinterest

You can get to Jungfrau from Zurich by taking the train which takes an hour and a half.

When you arrive in Lucerne, you can find hostels and restaurants easily with a unique itinerary planner.

Major attractions to visit in Lucerne include, St Peterskirche, Kapellbruecke, Spreuerbruecke, Buechslen-Alpentrio etc.

The best time to Visit Lucerne is from May to October.

Things to Note Before Going to the Top of the Swiss Jungfrau

Cable Car in Jungfrau | Image Source – Flickr

If you are going to Jungfrau, make sure you have a very clear idea of what is going on there. For instance,

  • Jungfrau has the highest cable car in Europe. It takes about 15 minutes from Lauterbrunnen station to reach the summit. A trip from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen takes about an hour.
  • The highest altitude of Jungfraujoch is 4158 meter which is higher than the cruising altitude of an Airbus A380 so it’s not advisable to go here if you have breathing issues or you are just out of your teenage years. Similarly, pregnant women should avoid this place too.
  • Crowd – The area is very popular so you will be surrounded by tourists.
  • Clothes – It’s advisable to wear layers of clothing. Even when it is sunny, the wind chill factor can make you feel colder than expected.
  • Accommodation – You can find hotels easily in Lauterbrunnen or Interlaken
  • If you are planning to stay somewhere near Interlaken,  can help you find the hostel that best suits your needs.
  • Onward Journey – If you still think Jungfraujoch is not for you, there are other peaks to see in Switzerland like Bernese Alps and Titlis. While at it, make sure you get yourself a Swiss sim card to call, text and navigate easily.

Best Time to Visit Jungfrau

Lake Lucerne | Image Source – Pinterest

Between April and October would be the best time to visit. Winters are very cold here so that is not an ideal time to be walking around or checking out attractions. Also, it might be difficult for you to find cheap flights during this period since everyone would want to come here around the same time. If you are traveling on a budget, aim at coming before summer starts so you can enjoy the place without having to elbow your way through people.

The Train to the ‘Roof of Europe’ – the Top of Jungfrau

Jungfrau Train | Image Source – Flickr

This is an exciting part of the journey. You have to board a train from Lauterbrunnen and get off at Jungfraujoch station. The ride is about 45 minutes long and has some spectacular views of the Swiss Alps all around you.

Moreover, the Roof of Europe is a glacier which means you will get to see glaciers and snow all around you.

The Top of ‘Roof of Europe’ – Jungfraujoch

This is the highest railway station in Europe and an almost surreal experience for someone who has never seen snow before.

So you finally get here and what do you see?

Well, it’s an ice palace! Every part of this place is made of marble, steel, or glass – not one inch is wasted. It’s all shining in white with the sun bouncing off the walls making it hard for your eyes to take everything in.

Scenery Around the Way Up to Switzerland’s Jungfrau Peak

The scenery just keeps getting better with every passing moment. With the sun shining bright on one side and snow-covered peaks visible from another side, it’s a treat for the eyes.

Frosted Rocks!

 conquer Switzerland's Jungfrau Peak
Frosted Hills | Image Source – Flickr

There are rocks everywhere around you but most of them are covered in frost or ice and then there is fresh powdery soft white snow that you can sink in.

Feeding Squirrels – One of the Unique Experiences You will have Here!

 conquer Switzerland's Jungfrau Peak
Alpine Garden in Jungfrau | Image Source – Pinterest

If you have a piece of chocolate or sugar candy in your pocket, take it out and feed the squirrels. They are so cute and friendly…this is a unique experience you don’t want to miss!

You can also see an Alpine garden with different types of flowers and plants with colors that seem to become more vivid with the background.

The Top Panoramic View from Jungfraujoch

View from Top of Jungfrau | Image Source – Flickr

This place has an amazing view which you must see. You will be able to look down on the clouds or watch them moving slowly below you. You can see the Aletsch Glacier in the back and there are several mountains in view too apart from others which cannot be seen because of bad weather or distance.

Aletsch Glacier and Jungfrau Peak – Beauty in White

Aletsch Glacier in Jungfrau | Image Source – Flickr

The glacier is huge and stretches as far as your eyes can see. It’s white and shining under the sun and if it’s not too cloudy, this would be a sight for sore eyes.

Discovering the Seasons in the Jungfrau


 conquer Switzerland's Jungfrau Peak
Spring in Jungfrau | Image Source – Flickr

This is when Jungfrau is at its best. The weather is pleasant and the flowers are in bloom making it a treat for the eyes. The slopes of the mountains also have lots of greenery while some slopes will be covered in snow.


Summer in Jungfrau | Image Source – Pinterest

The summer months (June, July, and August) bring fewer people to Jungfrau but there can be too much of crowds for some people. There is an intensive gondola ride to the top and another one back.


Autumn in Jungfrau Region | Image Source – Pinterest

The autumn months (September, October, and November) are ideal because of the pleasant weather (mostly sunny days) but fewer visitors might make it less exciting.


 conquer Switzerland's Jungfrau Peak
Winter in Jungfrau | Image Source – Pinterest

Switzerland’s Jungfrau experiences a long and cold winter with lots of snow. Winters run from December to March and this is a great time for skiing and other activities.

Budget Travel Tip: Jungfraujoch observation deck is a must-have experience in your travel itinerary! It’s the best way to see what you have been missing out on so far. You can explore this destination with a Swiss Travel Pass. It offers unlimited travel on all public transport in Switzerland and you can use the same pass to visit other places too!

Attractions Near the Top of Jungfrau

Interlaken – the City Imbued with Swiss Culture

 conquer Switzerland's Jungfrau Peak
Interlaken | Image Source – Pinterest


Interlaken is an amazing place to visit when in Switzerland. It is known for its vibrant UK-like town and traditional Swiss culture.

The View From the Top

If you’re visiting Jungfraujoch, don’t forget to take a look at these things which are also located nearby but not visible from the top:

Bike Riding Through Interlaken

Interlaken is a fun place to ride a bike. This is the best way to explore the beautiful city of Interlaken and its neighboring areas, especially the mountains that surround this amazing place!

The Village of Grindelwald

 conquer Switzerland's Jungfrau Peak
Grindelwald Village | Image Source – Pinterest


Grindelwald is a great place to visit. The village of Grindelwald itself is very small and quiet but it’s surrounded by lots of mountains, lakes, and rivers which make it a great retreat from the busy city life.

 conquer Switzerland's Jungfrau Peak
Jungfrau Peak | Image Source – Flickr

What Time of Year Do You Suggest I Visit the Jungfraujoch?

This depends on what you would like to see while at Jungfraujoch. If you want to avoid crowds, then go in summer when there are fewer people around. If it’s skiing that you’re into, then autumn is the best time for this!

What Should I Do After Taking the Glass-Roofed Train to the Top?

After taking the train, you should take a walk around. There are lots of things to see and do here – take pictures, visit exhibitions, check out souvenir shops, etc. If you’re hungry, there are places to eat too!

Why is the Gondola Ride Called the “Top of Europe”?

The name is given because it’s located on top of Switzerland and you can see down into Italy and Germany from here! You are literally at the TOP OF EUROPE!

How Long Will This Tour Take?

This depends, but it will take about 6 hours to complete this tour.

Is It Possible to Extend the Tour by Going to Other Destinations?

Yes, it is possible! The ticket allows you to return on the same day but another option is to extend your stay by another day or two and explore other places like Interlaken (a short bus ride from Jungfraujoch) or other Swiss cities!

Can I Go Skiing After This Tour?

Yes, you can go skiing after your tour. There are rentals available so you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting into the ski clothing!

How Long Does it Take to Get Back to My Point of Origin?

It depends on where you’re headed back to but usually, this takes between 5-6 hours.

What are the Top 3 Things I Should NOT Miss When Planning to  conquer Switzerland’s Jungfrau Peak?

Don’t miss out on visiting all the things mentioned above – the view at the very top, exhibition area, and souvenir shops. You should also try to explore Interlaken as it’s a great place to visit!


If you want to Conquer Switzerland’s Jungfrau Peak with success, you have to start by knowing all the information you can find about it. This is why I’ve written this article which is meant to provide you with every single piece of useful information that I think you should know before going on your Jungfraujoch tour! Hence, consider the above tips if you are planning to conquer Switzerland’s Jungfrau Peak.

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