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How we can help?

BUYING; buying your own vehicle has long been the budget backpackers preferred way to travel here in New Zealand. It is the cheapest way to travel and gives you the flexibilty of being able to visit the places in the country that you want to, when you want to. Many people also choose to buy a vehicle that gives you the option to sleep inside. This will make your trip even cheaper making savings on the per night costs of accomodation and allowing you to stay in some of the worlds most beautiful places. Here at Backpacker Car World we assist in the whole process with the cheapest insurance, mechanical warranties and onsite change of ownership. We also give each of customers a tutorial on car maintenance including how to reduce the risks invovled with owning older vehicles.

RENTING; If you are here for a shorter time or don't want the hassle of buying and selling, or the risk of owning and maintaining a vehicle, then you may prefer to rent. We have a wide range of station wagons and campervans and motorcycles to suit your needs and required comforts. We gaurantee to be the cheapest option for like for like vehicles so you know you are getting the best deal.

SELLING; We can also help you sell your vehicle at the end of your trip with space for you to advertise your car in and a network of car dealers we can help make the normally annoying and frustrating process of selling you campervan or car easier.

Our staff are trained to a very high standard and we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer care throughout and after the process, and remember we are here to help so ask as many questions as you like. Our employees can speak a variety of different languages and there are translations available for your information. We have a stock of around 50 vehicles to choose from, you will find a suitable and affordable camper van or car. Backpacker Car World offers everything in one place to make the buying and selling processes simple and easy. 

Other services we provide....

At Backpackers Car World we offer a range of services to help you buy safely and with minimum risk. We have many other products to organize everything you will need to drive away legally, and with a reliable car, station wagon or backpacker campervan. 

1. Legal Checks.

2. Mechanical / Pre-purchase inspections.

3. Instant change of ownership.

4. Insurance.

5. Roadside assistance.

6. Full mechanical warranties.

After you have bought your vehicle we have many other services that you may want to take advantage of, you can visit our online shop for more details.

1. Camping equipment.

2. Van modifications.

3. Short and long-term parking options.

4. Quick-sell options.

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