Vehicle Information Report (VIR) / Legal Check

1 in 3 cars for sale in New Zealand have money owing, a wound odometer or are reported stolen. If you buy a car without getting a vehicle history check you run the risk of the car being repossessed or being worth far less than you paid for it.

All we need is the number plate of the car, so bring it in and we can do one of these checks in a few seconds for you. This check can save you thousands in the long run and is a very important. It is the first step in the buying process.

Within seconds you will know the important facts of the vehicle including any hidden debts, inconsistent odometer readings and if it's been reported stolen. In fact it's the most comprehensive report in NZ and includes over 70 checks, including 15 safety and security checks.

The VIR is a detailed check on the legal status and history of a vehicle in New Zealand. Vehicles include cars, trucks, boat trailers, motorcycles and caravans.

A VIR will undertake a comprehensive vehicle history check within seconds. It will accurately identify the vehicle and alert you to important information such as:

  • If the seller is the registered owner

  • If the vehicle is reported stolen

  • If there is money owing (if so the vehicle can be repossessed)

  • If MAF have flagged the vehicle as being a flood damaged import or having a wound back or tampered odometer

  • If there are outstanding Road User Charges

  • The vehicle's fuel economy ratings

  • Plus a lot more!

We have the most comprehensive explanations, advice and knowledge. Any problems uncovered in the VIR are clearly highlighted along with a full explanation of what you need to do about them. This timely information will help you to make a wise and safe purchase before money changes hands.

The VIR is New Zealand's most trusted vehicle history check. Tens of thousands of reports are generated every month for registered motor vehicle traders, finance and insurance companies and private buyers.


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