Quick-sell options

If you are looking to sell your campervan or car and don’ t want to book your car in to the Auckland Car Market to sell, or you have to leave the country and don’t have time to wait to sell it, then there is always an option to sell the campervan or car immediately for cash.

At Backpacker Car World we have a dealer network of over 15 different second hand car dealers that will buy you car within hours of your application.

We guarantee that you will have at least one offer to buy your vehicle * quickly and simply, at the same time making sure all the relevant documentation as been processed correctly. Leaving you to enjoy your holiday up to the very last moment.

* Please remember that when you sell your car to a car dealer they will generally give you a trade price, which is usually lower than you might expect in a private sale. Due to varying demand for backpacker style vehicles in New Zealand you might find that there are also seasonal variations in offered prices.

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