Short and long-term parking option

Finding parking in Auckland can, not only be expensive but also very difficult. Often public car parks can be unsafe, and when you have your living inside your vehicle you want to make sure no one can steal your stuff or damage car or van, or campervan.

At Backpacker Car World we offer long and short term parking options for your backpacker car or van. We have a centrally located and secure parking facility where you can leave your vehicle.

You might need a space for 1 day or for 3 months we can cater to your needs with very competitively priced parking and storage options.

Number of days

< 1 week

1 week to 4weeks

4 weeks to 6 weeks

> 6 weeks

Campervan/ People carrier

$20+g.s.t. /day

$13+g.s.t. /day

$10+g.s.t. /day

$8+g.s.t. / day

Station wagon/ car

$15+g.s.t. /day

$10+g.s.t. /day

$7.50+g.s.t. /day

$6+g.s.t. /day





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