7 Amazing Camping Spots in Texas for Families

7 Amazing Camping Spots in Texas for Families

Best camping spots in Texas for families are something everyone should add to their vacation goals. Texas contains some of the most unique terrains for camping. You can choose to take your kids through the desert, over mountains, or through forests. It’s all up to you!

The Great State of Texas is home to three different deserts: Chihuahuan, Sonoran, and the Trans-Pecos Desert. The state also has 12 Mountains that are part of the Appalachian Mountain Range.

Moreover, Texas is an ideal outdoor vacation spot because of the mild summers and warm winter nights. The summer highs are typically around 90-degrees Fahrenheit, with an average overnight low of 65. If you travel to Texas during the winter or spring months, make sure to pack clothes for 60-degree days and 40-degree nights.

We have listed the 7 best camping spots in Texas for families to enjoy and try out some adventure.

Outdoor Camping | Image Source – Pexels

7 Best Camping Spots in Texax for Families

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park | Image Source – Youtube

As Texas is home to more than 100 state parks, the 7 best camping spots are just the tip of the iceberg. However, some are more suitable for families than others. Big Bend National Park is home to three campgrounds where you can pitch a tent or park an RV. The Rio Grande Village Campground has 88 sites that are equipped with water and electricity. This campground is located along the Rio Grande River, which separates Texas from Mexico. There are also hot showers at the Rio Grande Village Store on-site if you enjoy long relaxing baths after hiking miles upon miles during your stay! For those looking for primitive camping in Big Bend National Park, there are two developed backcountry sites near Cottonwood Campground that are available by permit only, but it is free of charge.

Best Time to Visit – Fall and Spring

Big Bend National Park is open year-round, with most visitors coming in the spring when the weather starts to warm up. 

The Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

The Enchanted Rock State Natural Area | Image Source – Pinterest

For hiking families, this is an ideal option. Located in Central Texas, this natural area is most famously known for its enormous pink granite rock. It is one of the largest natural formations in the United States! Hence, there are a total of 26 campsites throughout the park. There is a memorial site located on the east side of the state natural area that provides access to all family camping areas. Moreover, Enchanted Rock State Natural Area has some incredible hiking trails. The most popular trail is the Summit Trail which is roughly 5 miles from start to finish and offers some great views along with interpretive signage about plants and animals native to this part of Texas.

Best Time to Visit – Any Season (Morning Hours)

Garner State Park

Garner State Park | Image Source – Pinterest

This is one of the best camping spots in Texas for families. Garner State Park boasts 1,774 acres and is home to 11 miles of trails and the Frio River. The park offers a wide array of outdoor recreation such as tubing, kayaking, horseback riding, and hiking for families that love adventure.

There are three riverside campsites within the park which you can choose between depending on your camping preference: primitive or developed with utilities such as electricity and water hook-ups. Within the more than 300 campsites in the park, there are also screened shelters where you can spend your nights if you can’t stand bugs crawling around!

Best Time to Visit – Summer Time

Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park | Image Source – Youtube

This is popular as a large outdoor adventure area as well as for camping. Everything you could ever want is in Colorado Bend State Park! A variety of trails can be found within the park that is perfect for all types of foot traffic, in addition to several lakes that offer ample opportunity to go kayaking.

The park also has a large primitive camping area with 45 campsites, so bring along all your gear and enjoy a primitive adventure in central Texas!

Best Time to Visit – Early Spring and Late Fall

Padre Island National Sea Shore

Padre Island National Sea Shore | Image Source – Pinterest

For all beach lovers, this would be the ideal getaway. Located in Corpus Christi, Texas, this is the longest undeveloped stretch of a barrier island in the world according to the U.S. National Park Service. Primitive camping is only available in the Malaquite Campground, where 45 sites are equipped with water and electricity hook-ups. Twenty-four hours advance notice is required when reserving a campsite at Padre Island National Sea Shore for organized groups of up to 40 people which include school or youth groups, churches, or clubs that require permits for scientific investigations or educational projects.

However, there is also “backcountry” beach camping allowed on the island if you’re looking for something more than just primitive camping with restrooms and showers very close by. That type of experience can be found at the Malaquite Visitors Center along with information on how to get there. Backcountry camping is free of charge but at your own risk!

Best Time to Visit – Winter to Spring

Big Thicket National Preserve

Big Thicket National Preserve | Image Source – Pinterest

This one is a must to include in your vacation spot for numerous reasons. The Big Thicket National Preserve is a large area made up of numerous patches of forest that are thick enough to block the sun from passing through them. Called by many as “America’s Ark,” this place is home to a variety of plants and animals.

Primitive campsites in Big Thicket National Preserve are distributed throughout the park. There are also backcountry campsites where you can hike to and where you’ll find drinking water, fire rings, grills/fireplaces, picnic tables, and restrooms. Whether you choose a primitive or backcountry campsite, there are plenty of options available that will allow your family to experience first-hand the

Best Time to Visit – Spring

Davis Mountains State Park

Davis Mountains State Park | Image Source – Pinterest

This is amongst the best camping spots in Texas for families for a reason. Davis Mountains State Park is a historic 19th-century park with two small lakes and more than 2,500 acres of land. The area offers scenic views from miles around in addition to an on-site lodge and a motel.

With more than 300 campsites available in the park, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one!

Best Time to Visit – Summer

Tips for Camping in Texas

Outdoor Camping | Image Source – Pinterest

Texas is an amazing vacation and a camping spot, especially for families. However, it’s important to remember that Texas is not always ready for heavy rain or blistering heat. It’s advisable to plan your camping trip accordingly.

Camping at almost all times of year is possible with a little planning and preparation! Here are some helpful tips to have a memorable experience:

  • Make sure you have a place at home to seek refuge from bad weather or bug infestation
  • Familiarize yourself with the environmental conditions of the area beforehand
  • Remember that all plants and animals have adapted themselves differently so be alert!
  • Prepare your gear before venturing out into the wild – no one wants their tent collapsing on them after dark because they couldn’t find two poles!   

With these tips in mind, nothing is stopping you and your family from enjoying the great outdoors during any time of year!

How to Make Reservations for Tent Camping in Texas

Tent camping in Texas is quite popular, especially for families on vacation. There are plenty of campsites available throughout the state that offer all-inclusive amenities like hot showers, laundry facilities, barbecue grills/fireplaces, and picnic tables. Some of these sites also feature areas where you can pitch your tent including paved pads or level ground that is free from roots or rocks.

Most of these campsites offer tent camping options scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis while some may require reservations to secure a site upon check-in. Remember that it’s always advisable to make your reservation in advance so you can avoid wasting time driving around looking for an open campsite! 


To wrap up, the above-mentioned are some of the best camping spots in Texas for families. Next time you plan your vacation spots, remember to include at least one or two of these camping sites. Moreover, you can also check out these amazing trails in North America. You won’t be disappointed!

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