Best Places in South America for Backpackers in 2021

Best Places in South America for Backpackers in 2021

How is South America any Special?

Best places in South America for Backpackers in 2021 are quite the search trend. Think of the new continent as your own personal playground with breathtaking places such as Monte Roraima where you can explore every corner. From south to north, east and west there are so many amazing places for travelers looking forward to an adventure! This is one continent that will have everything at hand – food flavors differ with each region while landscapes change into something brand-new according to what part it’s located in. You’ll never get bored when traveling through South America thanks to its wide variety which includes phenomenal beaches & mountains alike…

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Whether you’re looking for a taste of adventure or just want to relax on some sun-kissed beaches, South America has something waiting. The continent is home not only to advanced trekkers in their field but also to ancient jungle cities like Machu Picchu that will leave your jaw hitting the floor (and stomach rumbling).

Moreover, it is a  land where you can go on an adventure with your family or explore new adventures solo, South America has something for everyone.  In this article I will be sharing my favorite things about traveling through Patagonia into Chile; one such place is Torres Del Paine National Park which houses some amazing waterfalls as well as steaming hot springs. 

Unique Reasons to Visit South America at least Once

The country is a treasure trove for those who love the exotic and unfamiliar. From city ruins like Machu Picchu dating back hundreds, or even thousands of years ago that you can explore in person; indigenous tribes living off their traditional way of life as it has been passed down from generation-to generations with someLimited contact from outsiders until now which means they might not know anything about how things work outside their own communities – there really isn’t any other place on Earth quite Like this! 

Moreover, the many reasons to travel to South America actually never end. For starters, you can trek through ancient cities and walk on the moon! You might also want to visit Salar de Uyuni- an amazing lake filled with lithium salts that’ll make your battery go all night long (literally). Or take this opportunity for adrenaline seekers: try climbing an actual volcano inulkan or Ventana parks while experiencing world-class glacial lakes hike down into the Amazonian rainforest. Just remember not to forget about taking lots of photos along their journey so they’re never able to show anyone else how much fun they had when nobody believed them anyway!. There’s never a shortage in South America!

6 Best Places to be in South America

Buenos Aires

Monte Roraima
Buenos Aires | Image Source – Pinterest

The tango, the Argentine barbecue, and Buenos Aires are all among my favorite things to do. It’s a city of fury that will not let you leave without experiencing it for yourself! 

Buenos Aires is a city full of exciting things to do, with its culture and history. Tango dancing in one neighborhood or skewering meat for an Argentine barbecue at another – it’s hard to choose!

The Coffee Axis in Columbia 

Coffee Axis Columbia | Image Source – 123RF Images

The coffee triangle in Colombia is a country with mountains covered by palm trees and valleys full of giants. It’s one of the best places to visit for its natural beauty as well as excellent Colombian coffees! 

Moreover, it is the pride of this country and one of its best places to visit. With mountains covered with plantations, spectacular landscapes full valleys filled with gigantic palms it’s an amazing place!

Los Roques in Venezuela

Mount Roraima
Los Roques | Image Source – Pinterest

This is a haven for travelers looking to get away from it all, but still, enjoy the beauty of nature. With crystal clear waters and white sand beaches that extend as far back into its archipelago this region has been called “paradise on earth.”

Moreover, Los Roques is popular as the marine park in the Caribbean Sea, with idyllic landscapes. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming and fishing while white sand beaches offer you relaxation time away from your busy life back home!

Seven Lakes in Argentina

Monte Roraima
Seven Lakes | Image Source – 123RF Images

If you’re looking for a destination that will take your breath away, then Argentina is the place. With seven different-color lakes in close proximity to each other and an endless supply of wildlife on every corner waiting patiently until they catch someone’s attention, be it human or animal alike!

When talking about Argentina, you will immediately think of famous football player Lionel Messi, yes he is a great player. However, in this article BackPackerCarWorld want to mention a great place for backpackers, Seven Lakes in Argentina.

The continent of endless potential, and Argentine Patagonia takes you through some of its most beautiful areas. You will enjoy exploring seven lakes, each one unique in form or color while taking care not to miss out on anything along the way! We recommend renting your own car so that it can be at whatever pace suits best for this natural splendor which deserves the time invested into finding every hidden corner possible-trust us when we say there’s always something new around these parts…

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro | Image Source – Pinterest

The most famous city in South America, Rio de Janeiro will leave you breathless and leave you to nestle in your dreams. Whether at the Christ The Redeemer observation deck or exploring its many different neighborhoods-Rio has something that is perfect for everyone!

Moreover, Rio de Janeiro is a Latin American metropolis that will leave you feeling like there’s nothing left to do. With its luxurious beaches, magical Christ the Redeemer statue, and vibrant nightlife scene; this city is sure to be unique in every form.

This is a very romantic place indeed

Monte Roraima

Mount Roraima | Image Source – Pinterest

Roraima is the tallest of all tepuis in South America. The mountain’s name comes from the Pemon people who called it “Roroi-ma” . This means blue-green or great mountains because they believed that God lived there.

It is also an ancient mountain that has watched over the Pemon people for centuries. It also means blue-green based on what they called this sacred peak!

To conclude

Best places in South America for backpackers in 2021 sure include a variety of options as the ones above. Whether you want adventure, nature, or culture, South America can provide it all! To make sure your trip goes smoothly and safely be prepared with these helpful tips before traveling;

  •  Pack light but bring necessary clothing items like rain gear. This is because weather changes quickly in different regions of this continent. It ususally ranges from freezing temperatures at night time down south through subtropical zones. During day time it is subjected to huge variations depending on altitude difference between land areas covered by vegetation.
  •  Drink lots of water throughout both days/night so as not cause dehydration problems due its high mineral content found naturally occurring within rocks.
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