First Aid Kit – A Popular Essential for All Backpackers

First Aid Kit – A Popular Essential for All Backpackers

The Essential Item in a Backpack – First Aid Kit for a Backpacker

A first aid kit for a backpacker is one of the things that every adventurer should take with them. When you first think about it, only then will you realize that it is something very useful. There are many reasons why someone would need a first aid kit. It could become necessary when you fall off your bike and scrape your knee. For example, when you cut yourself whilst cooking, or even if you twist your ankle while playing sports. Even things like insect bites can be quite annoying so having something to relieve the pain may come in handy. At any rate, there are plenty of situations where knowing how to use a first aid kit would be very useful.

There are many types of first aid kits on the market. Hence, it’s a good idea to purchase one that can deal with as many situations as possible.

When you’re going on a trip you will definitely need some sort of a first aid kit for a backpacker. Going out on a trip without a first aid kit would be just like going into battle unarmed. You wouldn’t go into battle unarmed, right? Well then, this is no different from that! Wouldn’t you agree?

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First Aid Kit vs The Wild

The most important thing to remember when buying one of these items for a first aid kit for a backpacker is to buy something that has up-to-date information about what you should do in each situation. If the instructions provided by the makers aren’t up to date, then move on to the next step. The next step is to be able to know what you should do on your own.

You can find out how to use one of these kits by watching videos online or reading manuals that come with these products. If someone has an injury, you must first clean the wound and wrap it in a bandage. In case the injury is more serious, you have to check if there are broken bones. If any foreign objects have been lodged inside. If this is the case, then she needs professional help much faster than originally thought. Do not waste time looking for information in a first aid kit!

If your friend gets injured while you’re traveling in a group, don’t stand still staring at them. Try to help them and, if you know how to use a first aid kit, then show everyone else how it’s done even if they’re older than you. The most important thing is that they’ll get medical treatment as soon as possible. This way the situation doesn’t get worse.

There are special cases in which someone should not be moved from their position at all. In other words, only one person has to take care of the injured person. Everyone else should go and call for help immediately. It may also happen that there is no signal on your mobile phone. In a situation like this, going out alone would be dangerous. This is because you could become lost or hurt yourself falling down a cliff or something. When this happens, try looking for a telephone booth. Also, you can ask someone to give you a lift to the nearest hospital.

This procedure may seem like overkill but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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The Following are Some Examples of Things that Should be Contained in Every First Aid Kit for a Backpacker:


first aid kit for a backpacker
Bandage | Image Source – Pexels

A package containing bandages for different parts of your body eg., head, knees, arms, and more is a must. They come both in washable and non-washable varieties so choose one depending on where you’re going to use them. You can find these packages online or at almost any chemist’s store.

A Roll of Adhesive Tape

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The stronger the better – for holding bandages in place.

Scissors – these can cut clothes but also bandages if necessary. Another useful thing to have is a pocket knife because it has a small, sharp blade which you can use instead of scissors.

First Aid Cream

First Aid Cream | Image Source – Pexels

This contains disinfectants and analgesics that will reduce pain and inflammation caused by injuries.

Aspirin /or Other Drugs from Your Country’s Equivalent

first aid kit for a backpacker
Aspirin | Image Source – Pexels

Depending on where you’re going to go you might need different medications that contain aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen as their main substance since they help with headaches, pains, and fevers caused by infections respectively.


Paracetamol | Image Source – Pexels

This is an analgesic and reduces fever; it is more powerful than aspirin but the latter can help the body recover from injury or illness more quickly.

Common Events where a First Aid Kit for a Backpacker are Useful When in Woods

Snake | Image Source – Pexels

Snake Bites

Depending on where you are visiting, snakes may be an important part of the local ecosystem. Unfortunately, they can attack people who venture into their habitat unprepared so it’s good to have first aid kits with anti-venom just in case this happens.

If you suspect that someone has been bitten by a snake, use pulping techniques to help reduce the flow of blood and call for medical help. For example, if it was your leg that got bit, push down hard towards the heart. Use blankets or jackets to prevent shock and raise their feet above the level of their head. Watch out for breathing irregularities because this could mean suffocation due to venom attacking the respiratory system which is why you should try not to move them around too much!

Bee and Wasp Stings

These insects may be gentle but only to those who haven’t provoked them. If the area around the sting becomes itchy, red, and swollen then remove any remaining stingers and put calamine or aloe vera on the affected area to reduce inflammation.

For People Who Suffer from Allergies

If you know what you’re allergic to, carry anti-allergy medicine with you just in case an accident happens that’s why it’s important to store such drugs in your first aid kit for emergencies.

If someone is having a severe allergic reaction that affects their breathing after getting stung by a bee or wasp then call for help immediately because – without medical treatment – they could die due to suffocation.

Leg Sprains

These can be extremely painful and even lead to muscle tears so it’s important to take care of them as soon as possible. Although the use of a hot water bottle or a warm bath can provide some relief, you have to elevate your leg so that no blood remains trapped in the area where the sprain occurred.

Insect Bites

There are many insects that live amongst us but only some will want to bite us which means mosquito bites are inevitable during summer and autumn (in warmer regions). If one manages to sneak up on you without noticing them first then here are the steps to take in order to soothe itchy skin.

First, if you have antihistamine cream then apply it on the bite area because this will reduce swelling and itching caused by inflammation. If it doesn’t help, apply ice or cold water onto the spot for 10 minutes at a time. This should relieve pain although the best thing to do is prevent mosquito bites in spring/summer when they are most active during their breeding period.

Finally, insect bites that surround by redness or blisters with pus may infect so don’t hesitate to see a doctor if you’re not improving even after using first aid measures such as those mentioned above.


If your face exposes to strong winds then there is a chance that it will start to burn after prolonged exposure. This is because the moisture inside our skin evaporates leading to cracks and wrinkles (even if you’re young).

To treat windburn, use facial creams that contain aloe vera or vitamin E because these ingredients are natural emollients that can help your skin heal faster. Finally, avoid rubbing your face since this would only make the problem worse so simply pat it gently with a clean towel.

Watery Eyes

If your eyes are constantly irritated by certain allergens in the air then you should keep saline drops in your first aid kit for animal bites. For example, hayfever will cause runny eyes due to constant zing which means antihistamine medications can help.

If your eyes irritate because of a certain cosmetic or perfume then use allergen-free eye drops to reduce the flow of tears and relieve pain. In other cases, if you have problems with dust blowing in from an open window then wear protective goggles to avoid itchy eyes caused by foreign particles entering the eyes.

Cold Weather that Causes Dryness

To keep your face from chapping during wintertime after doing a lot of outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, etc., rub a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your face before going out so that water doesn’t trap inside cracks and further damage your skin while causing excessive drying.

To sum up, a first aid kit for a backpacker is a must. Without one, an unexpected accident can turn into a major problem if you’re away from civilization. Moreover, it would also be helpful to have prior training since people tend to underestimate the risks of inuring during outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, or rock climbing -for example- it’s always good to bring along things that might come in handy in case of an emergency.

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