MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway – A Great Solution for Backpackers for the New Year 2022

MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway – A Great Solution for Backpackers for the New Year 2022

MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway is a cooking pot for cooking and eating out of. The pot comes in handy for those looking for a light cooking system. When you are outdoors on a camping trip and wish to enjoy a hot meal, MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway pot will help you to cook, eat and clean up. The aluminum alloy used in the fabrication is very light, yet tough.

You can enjoy your meals with family and friends without worrying too much about cleaning up as this pot has a wide mouth which helps you to clean it easily. It is not difficult to use an MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway as it weighs only 5 ounces! You can carry it anywhere as it fits into many pockets. This ultra-light cooking pot is small enough to fit inside a shirt pocket or backpacking pack side pocket

MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway Cooking Pot 

MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway | Image Source – Amazon

The brand offers a line of pots for all your cooking needs. You can choose from a wide range of sizes to suit the number and appetite of those you are serving, as well as your personal preferences:

  • Alpine: 1.6 l (about 5 cups). Suitable for 2 people and is the best seller among the line.
  • Stowaway: 1.0 l (about 4 cups). Fits inside MSR’s cook pot cozy or any other tight-fitting pot cozy. The lightest weight option at 94g/3.2 oz

After use, try to flatten out the product so that it takes up less space when you pack it away. This will allow you to carry this cooking system anywhere and everywhere. When you are on a hike or an adventure, do not let the weight of this cooking system worry you.

Advantages of Using an MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway

  • Durable construction
  • Non-stick surface for easy cleaning and use with no-cooking foods like oatmeal or cold cereals
  • Heat distribution makes it suitable for preparing meals like soups, rice, stews etc


  1. Fold handle flat against the body of the pot to prevent burned fingers when heating up your food in boiling water.
  2. When removing lid, be careful of spilled contents due to steam pressure release. Keep away from children while handling hot product. Allow time to cool before attempting to clean.
  3. While cooking pasta, remember to give it lots of space (don’t overcrowd the pot). The special disk bottom design enhances heat distribution for even heating. This allows you to cook foods with water such as rice or oatmeal with less chance of burning if food sticks to the pan.
  4. It is recommended that this product be hand washed and hung up in storage so it can air-dry in between uses(as opposed to being put in a dishwasher) to maintain the best use of this product.
  5. As with all MSR products, it is recommended that you have prior know-how on how to use this cooking system before commencing its use. It is always useful to consult a guide or manual for more information on the product’s use and care.  

Where to Buy – Amazon

Price – $ 15.95

Comparison of MSR Alpine Pot and Stowaway Pot

The main difference is that the MSR Alpine Pot has a capacity of 7.0 ounces, while the MSR Stowaway Pot has a capacity of 5 ounces. Other than this, both are almost equally similar. The dimensions of both pots are the same for all their capacities. Both have adjustable heat control features. Both stand up to heavy use and can be used on open flame grills or stoves. They come in handy when you wish to enjoy a hot meal outdoors as they help you to cook, eat, and clean up easily without any mess. These pots have a wide mouth which makes it easy to clean them after usage so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them.

Since these pots are made up of the same material i.e. hard-anodized aluminum alloy, they can be used on all heat sources including open flame grills and stoves. These pots also come in handy for scouts and emerging campers as well as budget-minded travelers.

The MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway Pot is a cooking pot for cooking and eating out of. This ultra-light cooking pot is small enough to fit inside a shirt pocket or backpacking pack side pocket which makes it easy to carry it anywhere you go! This pot has a wide mouth which helps you to clean it easily after usage without any left behind!

How to Clean MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway Cooking Pot?

Soapy Sponge for Cleaning | Image Source – Pexels

To clean the MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway Pot, you will first need to stop the cooking process after your meal is done. Once the fire has been put off and it completely cooled down, empty all water content inside it through its spout.

Then take some soapy hot water over a cloth or sponge and clean it thoroughly inside out. You must ensure that there are no food particles left behind which can cause severe health issues later on! Also, don t forget to dry it up properly before putting it away for storage purposes.

Other Alternatives for Ultralight Cooking Pots

It is extremely essential to learn about alternative products of what you want to purchase. This is important because ultralight cook pots are not only limited to MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway  Cooking Pot, you can also consider using alternative brands as mentioned below.

TOAKS Titanium 900ml

TOAKS Titanium 900ml | Image Source – Amazon

This high-quality cookware is made of titanium which makes it durable and resistant to corrosion.

Foldable Handle: This foldaway handle is convenient for packing and enables easy transport.

High Heat Capacity: 14- by 10-inch pan provides high heat capacity, which means it can be used on a variety of open flames like a gas stove or campfire.

Lid with Steam Hole: It comes with a lid that has a steam hole and vent holes that enable the water inside it to boil when required. You can easily monitor the cooking process when you are outdoors using this ultra-light cookware.

Where to Buy? Amazon

Price – $ 45.00

Evernew Titanium Pasta Pot

Evernew Titanium Pasta Pot Medium Size | Image Source – Amazon

The Superlight pot offers a great deal as it not only is designed to boil water for tea, coffee, etc. but it can also be used to cook your favorite pasta in it.

This unique design of this pot makes cooking easy and tidy too! It has a strainer in the lid which ensures that you may drain all the water (with the pasta) at once through its built-in spout. This useful feature helps you save both time and energy when cooking outdoors!

Where to Buy? Amazon

Price – $ 82.51

Keith Titanium Set 1200ml

Keith Titanium Set | Image Source – Amazon

This titanium set is remarkable and gained many positive reviews for its quality.

Comes with a pan pot, two-way lid, mesh carry bag, stove protector

Unique two-way lid – nesting lid enables use as a pan or a bowl

Unique titanium coating for healthy cooking and effortless cleanup

A well-designed handle that folds against the side of the pot when packed. This makes it easier to pack your cookware into your backpack without occupying too much space. It is an ideal compact size of ultralight titanium cookware which makes it perfect for backpacking and camping trips.

The weight of this product is very light (1 kg) which ensures that you do not end up adding extra weight to your luggage while traveling further off-road! Also, the ultralight titanium design helps you carry your cookware comfortably without the burden of extra weight.

Where to Buy? Amazon

Price – $ 56.00

Other Cookware Considerations to Note

Before making any purchase decision, it is advisable to consider important factors that might affect your decision.

Outdoor Cookware | Image Source – Pexels


It is necessary to understand your requirement before making any purchase. The above-mentioned cookware sets come in different sizes which are ideal for different people! You should make sure that you are choosing the right capacity of cookware according to the number/size of the person you are cooking for.

Don’t opt for cookware that’s too small because it will create a lot of problems for you. If the pot is too small it will require frequent refilling, cleaning, and cooking which can be hectic. Hence be wise.


This is an extremely essential factor to consider when purchasing a cookware set for your next trip. A good handle design helps you hold the pot when it is hot and prevents any kind of burns.

Health Considerations

Titanium is an extremely light material but at the same time, it is very strong too. The advantage of using titanium in cooking pots is that it provides even heating to the food, which keeps the nutrition quotient of your meals intact.

Stainless steel is heavier but it is ideal for cooking acidic foods like tomatoes. When exposed to acidic substances stainless steel can corrode or rust. Hence it is better not to use this material for cooking purposes if you are choosing between titanium and stainless steel.


Cookware sets come at a wide range of price points and your budget will ultimately decide the product that you end up selecting for yourself! You must always focus on the quality of cookware rather than going after cheaper variants in the market. Expensive brands tend to offer better products in terms of durability, functionality, and size.

As you can see, the above-mentioned cookware sets are very useful while backpacking or camping. It is also advisable to have a look at gear lists that have been compiled by experienced backpackers before making any purchase decision. These people have helped beginners gain enough insight about what should be included in their luggage and how it should be used for the best results.


To conclude, MSR Alpine Ultralight Stowaway Cooking Pot is a great cookware option. However, it would be wise to check out the alternatives to suit your requirements. Moreover, cookware is something that can directly affect your cooking experience while camping so try to make the most informed decision based on quality, ease of use, and price! Also, read here about the Coleman Chair with Footrest for a relaxing camping trip.

Happy Adventuring!

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