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Selling a car or van?

If you are selling your campervan car or van in Auckland, Backpackers Car World offers a huge customer base in a relaxed and friendly environment with extremely helpful staff to assist. 

If selling your car @ the Auckland Car Market you will pay a one time small fee of $105. This allows you to stay and sell your car or van for up to 3 days. You may come and go as you like and secure parking at no extra charge during these three days. The Auckland Car Market as a company remains neutral, offering support for all of our customers and helping in any way we can to assist a sale on your behalf.

Pricing - All vehicle prices are fixed by you as the seller and the sale remains your responsibility. There are no hidden costs or commission to be paid upon sale of your vehicle, you are free to change your price during your stay here and we encourage you to negotiate the deal directly with the buyers.

As a seller you should ensure that:

  1. The vehicle you are selling is registered in your name. Would you buy from a person who does not own the car?
  2. Your vehicle has up-to-date W.O.F and registration.
  3. The vehicle is clean and presented as you would expect it to be.
  4. Any obvious problems on your vehicle be repaired or be prepared to drop your price.
  5. You accompany the buyer to the reception in order to change the ownership papers and ensure that your obligations towards the vehicle ends immediately.