Will I See Ghosts while Camping Overnight in the Forest?

Will I See Ghosts while Camping Overnight in the Forest?

Concerns about whether you’ll see ghosts while camping overnight in the forest is a topic to be addressed. Ghosts and haunted camping experiences might seem scary and restrict your camping plans. However, it is perfectly safe to camp overnight in the forest and encounters no ghosts at all.

Ghosts are only seen by humans under certain circumstances. Ghosts do not walk around everywhere among us like some people think they do (see below). Thus you don’t need to fear seeing ghosts while out in the woods or an abandoned house. They are not around just waiting to be seen by you.

This article is here to answer questions you might have about whether you’ll see ghosts while camping overnight in the forest.

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Camping Gear

Before jumping into ghost stories, let’s first have a look at the proper gear needed to stay overnight in the woods.


Orange Backpack | Image Source – Pexels

This is the most important piece of equipment when camping. It is the main storage area for all the items that you will need while staying in nature, including sleeping equipment and food. Choose one with adjustable straps so it can fit you perfectly regardless of whether you are tall or small.  Also, make sure to select a comfortable backpack (with padded shoulder straps)  to carry around.

Sleeping Bag | Tent

Gray and Red Dome Tent in Forest | Image Source – Pexels

Having a sleeping bag is important because it can get chilly during the nighttime. A sleeping bag regulates your body heat so you won’t feel too cold or too hot during the evening. Make sure to store this with your backpack as well, since if you are camping far away from civilization then you cannot simply run home to get your sleeping bag if you forgot it. Similarly, a tent is used during the night to protect yourself from the elements. This can be sun, rain or insects that come out at night time.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit Inside Tent | Image Source – Pexels

A first aid kit is really helpful in case of an emergency. Getting a small box and adding necessary items such as bandages, painkillers, and antiseptic ointment will be useful if you ever cut yourself or experience an injury.

When you walk into the wilderness, it is almost impossible to predict what might happen. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take some form of medication with anti-diarrheal and anti-allergy medicine in case of emergency.

Food and Drinks

Cooked Food in Casserole | Image Source – Pexels

Of course, food and drinks are also needed when camping! It is not advisable to go on a day hike without bringing any water or snacks. A few energy bars will be more than enough to get you through the day.

Camping | Hiking Poles

People Hiking in Forest | Image Source – Pexels

This section is important because many beginners have the habit of taking only a backpack and running up hills without thinking about safety first. Camping poles provide support for you while going uphill, thus you must bring these along with you.

Multipurpose Tool

Hunting Jack Knife | Image Source – Pexels

Now this one might be a bit of overkill, but you should bring some sort of multipurpose tool to help assist you in emergencies. It is okay if it is not the most high-quality tool, just something that can potentially work in case there are unforeseen problems while camping.

Man Holding a Compass | Image Source – Pexels

Lastly, you might need to bring along navigators like a map or GPS. Going hiking without bringing any form of navigator is extremely dangerous! There are many places where the terrain will look similar and it can be easy to get lost.  

Camping Stove

Coleman Portable Camping Stove | Image Source – Amazon

Camping stoves are an alternative to cooking with an open fire. For those who don’t know how to build a fire, the stove will be a great companion as it can supply you with heat and food at the same time.

General Camping Tips

Woman Standing on Rock | Image Source – Pexels

Below are a few general tips for those who are completely new to camping or overnight hikes.

Have a Successful Plan for Camping

Planning is always the best way to ensure that you are safe. Make sure to figure out where you are going, how long it will take you to get there, and what kind of things you’ll need before even starting your journey.

Prepare Enough Food for the Trip

Food plays an important role in your overnight hike. Make sure to have enough food for yourself that will last you at least 2-3 days. Do not go overboard with supplies though, as it is better to have just enough than too much because you cannot bring excess weight along.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

Bring a strong flashlight, a few candles, and a handheld lantern in case it gets too dark during the night. Try to avoid using electronic lights as much as possible since using them can drain your battery life very quickly.

Support Team Members

Make sure there are at least 2 people in your hiking/camping team. This is because if you get injured or fall ill, the other can go for help and bring the necessary supplies to make sure the entire trip goes smoothly.

Choose the Right Time to Start

This is an essential tip to bear in mind as you do not want to be caught in the forest without having any form of protection during nighttime. It is preferred that you start your hike on a cloudy day or at least before lunchtime so that you will have enough light for your trip back home.

Keep the Campsite Clean

Most beginners tend to forget about cleaning up after themselves, but this is a big mistake as you do not want any wild animals following your trail and figuring out that there are humans around. Make sure to pick up all your trash and even bury it if possible.

Campsites Rules

Bear in mind to always stay at your campsite, as there are wild animals nearby that may come after you if you leave the designated area. There are also high chances of human interaction, which is never a good thing.

Ghosts and Stories of Backpackers

Child Standing in the Middle of Darkness | Image Source – Pexels

Let’s now go over some tips and stories from people who have experienced ghosts or paranormal activity during their camping or hiking trip.

Are Ghosts Real?

Some individuals who have had camping or hiking experiences with ghosts believe that they exist, while others argue that it is just a product of the mind. There are cases of people who claim that they saw real human figures on their camping trips and some paranormal investigators even suggest that it is a possible phenomenon.

Your Own Fear of the Unknown

Many people fear Halloween night, especially when they are by themselves. There is also the fear of the dark, which can trigger some individuals to imagine things that are not even there. This can be a real issue on camping trips as hikers usually go at least 2-3 days away from civilization without any form of contact with the outside world.

Camping Overnight in the Forest

It is very common for beginners to find themselves in some pretty scary situations when camping out in the wild. Although you are amongst trees and vegetation, it does not mean that you are completely safe from any possible dangers. For example, there might be wild animals such as bears or coyotes around who may see you as a threat to their territory.

Ghost Stories of Hikers

Doll with Gray Eyes | Image Source – Pexels

There are several ghost stories of hikers out there, but let us go over some first-hand accounts that supported the phrase “see ghosts while camping overnight in the forest”.

The Ghost of the North Bend Trail

Located in Oregon, this campsite is a favorite among hikers and backpackers as it offers a nice view of Mount Bachelor. However, there are times when going up the hills to get to this place can be a little bit tricky due to the mist and fog that is present in the surroundings.

The Hiker Whose Footsteps Can Still be Heard

This particular man was hiking alone on a cloudy day when he unexpectedly tripped and fell. Since there was nobody around to help him back up, he had no other choice but to continue walking and hope that he would not fall again.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail Can be Narrowly Escaping Death

Many hikers have had their own ghost stories to share. However, this particular account takes the cake for being rather frightening and close to death. As these campers were hiking through Maine, they suddenly heard a loud crashing noise behind them and it turns out that a boulder was about to fall on top of them.

Haunted camping experiences are not uncommon around the world. This is because there have been numerous stories from hikers who have had their own paranormal experiences. This does not mean that you should be too afraid to go camping by yourself or with friends as you’ll see ghosts while camping overnight in the forest. It is most likely that you will not come across anything.

Best Tips to Help Overcome the Fear of Ghosts when Camping Overnight

This section of the article will go over some tips that you may find helpful, should you be too afraid to camp alone due to fear of ghosts.

Camping Near and Together

Camping Team | Image Source – Pexels

It is best to go camping with friends or family members, so you can all help each other out in case something goes wrong. This means that if someone loses their way or is hurt during the trip, there will always be people around who can offer assistance.

Don’t Tell Ghost Stories

Two People Sitting by the Campfire | Image Source – Pexels

You may be afraid of camping out alone. However, another person may not so you should refrain from telling ghost stories around the campfire. If you scare your friends with these scary tales, they will most likely want to go back home. This defeats the purpose of why you are currently in the forest.

Keep the Light On

Keeping the Tent Bright | Image Source – Pexels

By keeping a flashlight or lantern on with you, it means that you will feel safer and more comfortable in the forest. This is especially useful if someone needs to go to the bathroom and does not want to walk back alone in the darkness.


Campfire | Image Source – Pexels

If you are camping out with friends or family members, it is best to have a campfire at all times. This means that you will always have light in the surrounding area. Moreover, it can also serve as a way to cook your food.


Person Praying | Image Source – Pexels

Begin by taking deep breaths or meditating to calm yourself down. If you are camping with friends or family members, gather everyone around and have a prayer session. This means that if something goes awry during the trip, you will all still be together no matter what happens.

Listen to Music

Headphones on Legs | Image Source – Pexels

If you do not want to get into religious services, it is best to bring along a phone or iPod so you can listen to some calming music. This means that if something goes wrong, the sounds of your favorite songs will be able to drown out any other possible danger around.

Other Tips to Survive the Haunted Camping Experience

Readying for a Possible Rain | Image Source – Pexels

This section of the article will focus on some advice that can help you get through your camping trip if ever you come across any paranormal activity while in the forest.

Bring Food Along With You

It is best to have a trail mix or granola bars along with you should something happen, such as getting lost or hurt. This means that you will always have food with you so you do not starve to death and it can also serve as a snack if your friends or family members are hungry.

Be Prepared for the Worst

Many hikers believe that good things happen to those who wait, but it is best to prepare yourself for any eventuality. This means that if something goes wrong, you should have a plan for how to handle the situation so you do not get hurt or worse. Bring along any medical supplies or safety equipment that can come in handy during an emergency.

Stay Near the Trail at All Times

If camping alone, it is best to stay near the trail at all times as this is where other hikers will most likely be walking. Losing your way in the woods can not only add an element of danger, but it may make you get hurt without anyone around to help.

Wear Bright Clothing

If someone is wearing dark or camouflage clothing when they are camping, it is harder for others to see them and there is also a greater chance of catching the attention of a wild animal. It is best to wear items that will stand out, such as bright colors or reflective clothing so other hikers can easily spot you from a distance.

Traveling Alone | Image Source – Pexels

What is Some Equipment I Should Bring Camping?

When it comes to camping, there are many different pieces of equipment that you will want to bring with you. For starters, you will certainly want a tent, sleeping bag, and some kind of camp stove or grill so you can get food. To make sure that nothing goes wrong during the trip, it is also advisable to bring along a first aid kit, pocket knife, and extra food.

Can I Go Camping by Myself?

Going camping alone is one of the most dangerous things that someone can do. This is because there are many wild animals or even other humans who could pose a threat to your safety during the trip. It is best to either bring friends or family members with you on a camping trip or have someone meet you at the campground.

How Frequently Do Ghosts Attack Travelers?

There have been some cases where ghosts attacked people while camping overnight in the forest. This is because many hikers believe that these locations make for the perfect haunted experience and some trails pass directly through cemeteries or prisons.

Is Telling Ghost Stories During Camping a Bad Idea?

It is possible to frighten other campers if someone decides to tell a ghost story during a trip. This is because telling scary stories can be a very effective way of getting everyone on edge and there have been many cases of scared hikers off by ghosts or demons while camping.

What Kinds of People Should Not Go Camping Alone?

The simple answer is that anyone, no matter how fit they are, should always go with someone else.


To conclude with concerns about camping in some of the most haunted places on earth, it is important to stay aware at all times. This means making yourself aware while camping overnight in a forest that some believe may be haunted. If you think you’ll see ghosts while camping overnight in the forest, take along with some extra food and cover yourself with reflective clothing so you are easy to see if something goes wrong.

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