12 Unique Camping Gifts for Her – Choose Right

12 Unique Camping Gifts for Her – Choose Right

‘Unique camping gifts for her’ can be quite the challenge if your girlfriend, mother, sister, etc. is not someone who loves to go camping and experience nature up close. But you will be surprised by just how many women love the outdoor life as much as their male counterparts do!

However, if she is someone who loves spending more time in sleeping bags than in tents, then you are in the right place. From hiking belts to head torches, we have compiled a list of 12 unique camping gifts for her that she is bound to love!

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4 Simple Things to Consider Before Deciding on the Unique Camping Gifts for Her

1 Think of the Type of Camping She Likes

Before buying your gift, think about whether she is an adventurous camper or she simply prefers to stay in a hotel. A woman who loves hiking and mountain climbing will prefer getting camping gifts that enable her to take her adventure further such as sunglasses designed for high altitudes etc. A woman who likes staying in traditional four-walled tents would love camping accessories such as head torches which can make setting up camp at night easier.

2 Think of Her Comfort Level

Camping is not easy especially if you are an amateur camper! Before buying gifts for women, think carefully about how much comfort she expects from the outdoors lifestyle. Does she hate it out? Will she like to bring along her pillow and sleeping bag? If she loves taking comfort with her during camping, then think about gifts such as pillows that can be easily strapped onto the back of a hiking carrier, etc.

3 Think of How Often She Goes Camping

If your gift is for someone who does not go camping very often, you may need to consider buying gifts that will enhance their experience and allow them to enjoy mother nature more. On the other hand, if your lady friend goes camping now and then, you could opt for accessories such as torches which can help her set up camp at night, etc.

4 Think About What Type of Gifts You Want to Give Her

The types of presents that you want to give your lady friend should also determine the gifts that you will end up buying. If she is someone who enjoys hiking and camping in high altitudes, then think about getting her some hiking sunglasses or boots, etc. On the other hand, if she is a fan of traditional camping trips such as those involving tents and lawn chairs, you could buy accessories such as head torches which can make it easier for her to navigate at night.

12 Unique Camping Gifts for Her for 2022

The Tozo Headphones

Tozo Headphones | Image Source – Amazon

These are our top pick of camping gifts for your music-loving women. These headphones are specifically designed to comfortably fit inside most kinds of sleeping bags while keeping their shape no matter how much you move them around. They feature soft earmuffs and come with noise isolation technology so she can enjoy her favorite tunes without any distractions from the outside world or other people on campgrounds. And they fold up into themselves which makes them convenient when it comes to packing them into backpacks or suitcases before heading out on an adventure!

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Kula Cloth

Unique camping gifts for her
Kula Cloth | Image Source – Amazon

Now, this is an absolute must-have camping accessory for your adventurous lady friend! Traditional towels are bulky and take a lot of space, but the Kula Cloth which is made from an advanced version of microfiber material can easily fit inside a backpack. It is lightweight, absorbent, and dries fast so she won’t have to miss out on getting back home early just because her towel was wet or sandy after a day at the beach or riverside. Made from 80% Nylon and 20% Polyester it will do well with even ladies who have sensitive skin – guaranteed no rashes here!

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Aeropress Coffee Maker

Unique camping gifts for her
Aeropress Coffee Maker | Image Source – Amazon

All women love their morning coffee – something that you already know by now I am sure! So how about giving your outgoing lady friend something that she can use to brew her favorite coffee every morning right outside the campsite. This hand-powered coffee maker is a great camping gift idea that allows women to enjoy freshly brewed coffee just about anywhere. It comes with a stirrer and micro filter so you don’t have to dig around for them in a backpack or suitcase while making your way out of the door on cold winter mornings.

Where to Buy? – Amazon

The Esup Camping Hammock

Esup Camping Hammock | Image Source – Amazon

If you are looking for unique gifts for women who enjoy outdoor adventure, this hammock will be an absolute hit! Its breathable cotton exterior makes it comfortable for summer nights while its weather-resistant coating ensures there are no surprises even when you leave it out overnight! Comes with everything needed except for 2 trees, the best gifts for women in hiking!

Where to Buy? – Amazon

Camping Hammock with Bug Net

Anor Trek Camping Hammock with Bug Net | Image Source – Amazon

This is another great gift idea for camping-loving women. Its 100% cotton exterior makes it comfortable even when the weather gets too hot to bear while its 210T nylon interior and heavy-duty steel carabiners ensure she can carry her favorite book out under the stars without any problems! The hammock features a fully enclosed bottom and comes with its mosquito net – perfect if your woman enjoys spending summers near forests or rivers where they might come in contact with occasional mosquitos.

Where to Buy? – Amazon

JBL Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker | Image Source – Amazon

This one is quite obvious however, I had to include it in the list for our ladies who enjoy camping. A lightweight speaker can easily fit into tents or other camping gear without taking too much space and comes with 4-5 hours of playtime on a single charge. Something that can connect wirelessly with smartphones, iPhones, laptops, etc so she can stream favorite tunes all day long while you are both enjoying mountain bike trails or river walks!

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Foxelli Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Foxelli Self Inflating Sleeping Pad | Image Source – Amazon

We just talked about how heavy traditional sleeping bags and mats might be this holiday season – now here is something that will solve that problem once and for all! These self-inflating mats don’t weigh more than 2 pounds each which makes them perfect for backpacking trips. They come with a stuff sack, mini pump, and reflective stripes to keep your friend safe when they are on the trail at night.

Where to Buy? – Amazon

Biolite Solar Panel

BioLite Solar Panel | Image Source – Amazon

With everything possible these days, we can now recharge all our gadgets on the go and even when we are nowhere near a plug! This lightweight and the easy-to-set-up solar panel goes through winters, summers, and falls without any issues. Simply place it using the included sundial so that it gets constant sun exposure throughout the day – you will be able to charge something as large as an iPad or tablet by simply charging this once during your trip!

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MSG ZYWinter Sleeping Bag

MSG ZY Winter Sleeping Bag | Image Source – Amazon

Sleeping bags are great for camping, but they are often too bulky to take with you on winter hikes especially if you travel somewhere cold. The Winter Sleeping bag however provides warmth down to temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 Celsius) without sacrificing weight or size. And because its water-resistant outer fabric prevents moisture from getting inside, it can also be used as a sleeping bag liner by itself to save even more weight.

Where to Buy? – Amazon

Folding Camp Saw

Folding Camp Saw | Image Source – Amazon

If she is looking for a unique gift for women who enjoy camping and hiking regularly, then look no further! This lightweight yet sturdy saw folds into its handle which protects the blade when it’s in transit or being stored at home. The 8” blade features 11 teeth per inch while the 13” one comes with 15 TPI – enough to fall trees up to 3 inches in diameter in just 10 minutes! Because of how compact this camping tool is when folded, you don’t have to worry about bringing extra tools during your trips anymore!

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Kindle E-Reader

Kindle E-Reader | Image Source – Amazon Kindle

Reading is a unique camping gift for her as women who enjoy being out in the wilderness might not always have books with them. The ultimate solution to this problem is an e-reader which is lightweight, small, and can store thousands of books! They come in various sizes so there’s something for every budget while the battery lasts up to one month on a single charge depending on usage.

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DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w GPS

DeLorme GPS Device | Image Source – Amazon

This amazing GPS device doesn’t just get you back home when you are lost – it also comes with customizable topo maps that show trails, roads & points of interest which makes your trips much safer if you don’t know the area very well! It works both online and offline thus cannot be affected by signal loss or damage to screens while its unique design allows to be as a GPS navigator, a digital compass, and even as a marine chart plotter!

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Extremus Portable Camping Stove

Extremuse Portable Camping Stove | Image Source – Ubuy

This reliable friend helps to travel light and provide maximum performance in a lightweight package. It features an adjustable flame that allows cooking food quickly and efficiently while the durable construction makes it long-lasting and highly reliable. What’s more, the grill is easy to clean as its main parts are from stainless steel which is also rustproof!

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Now that you know what are some of the most useful gifts for women who camp, it is time to wrap them up! A good way to do this would be to browse our camping gift ideas page here and pick out pretty ribbons or cords in colors that match her favorite brand tank tops. And if she doesn’t have any favorite colors you can always go with classic red or green colors that signify love and joy. Use these tips while shopping through our camping equipment store and I am sure both of you will enjoy a successful shopping trip together!

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