How to Get the Best Gifts for Backpackers in 2022?

How to Get the Best Gifts for Backpackers in 2022?

Getting the best gifts for backpackers in 2022 can be challenging and strenuous. There can be plenty of questions running through your mind when choosing the ideal gift for your friend or family member.

Such as: what should I get them, where can I get the gift and how will they react when receiving this gift?

Relax! You’re not alone here. ​​Even if you aren’t sure what to get someone who carries their life on their back every day, we’d like to help assure you that there are plenty of gifts out there for backpackers. Keep reading because we’ll be covering the absolute best gifts ideas for backpackers in 2022. We hope after reading these few suggestions eases your mind a little bit more before making that final purchase decision! Let’s jump into it!

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15 Best Gifts for Backpackers in 2022

Wacaco Minipresso

best gifts for backpackers
Wacaco Minipresso | Image Source Amazon

If your backpacker friend admires coffee more than anything, here’s the ideal gift.  The Wacaco Minpresso is a portable espresso device that allows your friend to make their favorite cup of Joe at any location.

It’s small, compact, and easy to bring with them on adventures. It doesn’t require much effort to use either so it might be the perfect gift for someone without too much time or patience!

You can keep this pocket-size wonder in your backpacker friend’s car so they’ll never have to stop off at Starbucks again if they don’t want to. Best of all, there are no cords or other pieces required to set this little machine up. All you need is hot water and the included pods then you’re ready for some delicious espresso!

Merrel Moab Hiking Shoes

Merrel Moab Hiking Shoes | Image Source Amazon

Hiking Shoes are a great deal as a gift for backpackers. If your friend is just getting into backpacking and doesn’t have hiking shoes yet, this is the perfect time to surprise him with a new pair of shoes!

We recommend Merrell Hiking Shoes as they are super lightweight and versatile footwear. You can wear them for casual hikes or even in an urban environment without looking like you’re about to go trekking through the woods.

Just make sure your backpacker friend has some nice socks before gifting them these bad boys: otherwise, blisters will probably ensue.

Anor Trek Hammock

AnorTrek Hammock | Image Source Amazon

Yes, hammocks can be used as a sleeping device if you know how to use them properly! They’re also easy to pack down carry on any trip so it’s a great gift for backpackers.

If your backpacker friend already has a hammock and is looking to upgrade their current one, we recommend investing in an ENO Double Nest Hammock. These bad boys come complete with straps and everything you need to hang them up. No trees or objects nearby? No problem! You can always put them under a quilt on the ground and use it as a sleeping mat instead.

The majority of hikers these days carry hammocks with them so this might be the perfect gift for someone who needs to relax now and again while they’re taking in some nature.

MIRASON Dopp Kit or Cosmetic Bag

MIRASON Dopp Kit | Image Source Amazon

Your backpacker’s favorite thing on the planet will be their cosmetics bag on the inevitable long trips ahead. It’s where they carry their toothbrush, toothpaste, and all types of other items that will keep them clean.

For this reason, we recommend giving your backpacker friend a nice cosmetic bag or Dopp kit to use on the road. If you don’t want to give them something too fancy, there are plenty of affordable options available at any retailer near you. Here’s an example of one such low-cost alternative: Rios Peru Cotton Canvas Travel Toiletry Cosmetic Shaving Bag w/Shoulder Strap Gray

Winter Clothing

Best gifts for backpackers
Winter Jacket | Image Source Amazon

If your backpacker friend ends up in a similar situation, they’re going to be extremely thankful that you got them some winter clothing. Patagonia Clothing is one of the leading brands for this type of product so if money isn’t an issue, we recommend going with them instead! It’s also worth mentioning that many retailers have discounts going on right now so you might find a good deal if you check a few websites out before making a purchase decision.

Go Pro Hero

GO PRO Hero | Image Source Amazon

If you want to buy your backpacker friend a gift that keeps on giving, then we recommend getting them a GoPro. This is the perfect camera for someone who loves photography and capturing all their adventures without worrying about destroying their equipment.

GoPro cameras are practically indestructible and they’re built to take some serious punishment when it’s time to go head-first into whatever situation presents itself next.

You can use these in water and they aren’t going to die when exposed directly to the sun so if your backpacker friend likes taking pictures in dangerous environments, this is probably the best option available right now.

Backpacker Cookware

FinessCity Titanium Cookware | Image Source Amazon

If your backpacker friend is someone who loves cooking while they’re out in the wilderness, we recommend getting them some fancy cookware! There are plenty of products available at any retail store that’ll get the job done and look super stylish to boot.

A popular choice among backpackers these days Stanley Adventure Cook Pot

Navigation Tool

Multifunctional Outdoor Compass | Image Source Amazon

This is another gift that your backpacker friend will cherish for a long time to come.

If they don’t carry an awesome navigation tool with them when they leave the house, we recommend getting them either a Garmin or Suunto GPS watch. These things are built to last and you can always get replacement parts if something happens to break without having to replace the entire unit. Plus, there are so many options available that it’s hard not to find something that fits your budget and needs.

Hiking Socks

best gifts for backpackers
YUEDGE Hiking Socks | Image Source Amazon

Whether your backpacker friend is into day hikes or longer ones that last several days, they’re going to want something comfortable and warm on their feet.

That’s where the best hiking socks come in these bad boys will keep their feet nice and warm while they walk along new trails and get a little bit of exercise. Since we all know how important it is to take care of our feet, this gift should be near the top of your list if you’re looking for things to buy for them!

Deck of Playing Cards

WJPC Playing Cards | Image Source Amazon

If your backpacker friend likes playing cards when they’re bored, consider getting them some nice-looking decks that’ll make their games look extra special. It doesn’t matter what type of playing card games your backpacker friend enjoys, there are so many different types of cards out there to choose from that it’ll be near impossible to pick just one!

Kindle E-Reader

If your backpacker friend plans on traveling to countries where the Internet isn’t always reliable or that have slow Internet connections, then an e-reader is probably a good idea.

Whether they want to read books in English or something else entirely, there are countless cool options available so you might as well get them this gift since it’s gonna be super useful when they’re out exploring.

This product has everything you need in one handy package so no matter what features your backpacker friend wants, there’s bound to be something for them!

Hoodie Jacket

EWISVGH Hoodie Jacket | Image Source Amazon

This type of jacket is popular with backpackers for one very good reason it’s comfortable.

A hoodie jacket like this will keep your friend warm, cozy and they can even wear it when they go to bed if they’re spending the night out in the wilderness! Variety Pack of Energy Drinks

If your backpacker friend is someone who loves being on the go, then few things’ll give them more energy than high-energy drinks.

With so many flavors available, you might as well get them a variety pack so they have no shortage of delicious drinks to enjoy whenever they decide to take a break from exploring their surroundings.

Toiletries Bag

Hiverst Hanging Toiletries Bag | Image Source Amazon

This gift is always useful, no matter what situation or environment your backpacker friend finds themselves in.

Getting your friend a toiletries bag is always a good idea since it enables them to carry the things they need to stay clean and fresh without having to sacrifice any space. Plus, this gift will keep them organized and looking stylish!

Windproof Wool Gloves

Moolo Winter Gloves | Image Source Amazon

As you might already know, the weather in some places can be pretty extreme so having something like this gift on hand would come in handy.

Your backpacker friend will love that they’ll not only look stylish with these gloves but they’ll keep their hands nice and toasty while spending time outside!

Non- Mummy Sleeping Bags

HAGOR Sleeping Bag | Image Source Amazon

If your backpacker friend is spending their next trip in areas with warmer, more moderate climates then they might want to consider getting something that isn’t a mummy sleeping bag.

There are all sorts of different types of sleeping bags out there for you to choose from so finding something that works well for your friend is very doable just keep the weather conditions in mind when picking one.


Getting the best gifts for backpackers is no more a hassle with the above tips. There are hundreds of different gifts that your favorite backpacker could use while they’re out doing their thing but these are by far the best ones. Whether you’re looking for the best backpacker gifts under $10, under $20, or even under $50, you can rest assured that any of these gifts will be a hit among your friends!

With that being said, it’s now time to build your perfect gift by picking one thing from each category so all they have to do is decide which color they want. Have fun shopping!

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