The Best Survival Hatchet – Backpackers’ Choice

The Best Survival Hatchet – Backpackers’ Choice

When looking into the best survival hatchet, it is important to keep in mind that this is a secondary survival tool. Because of its small size, the hatchet is not suitable as a primary survival tool for wilderness or disaster scenarios.

Moreover, this has to be every backpacker’s go-to multipurpose tool.

As a backpacker, you should be sturdy and compact at the same time. The hatchet is a great addition to your camping gear as it helps you clear light bush or build a shelter without taking up too much space in your pack.

In the following section, we have gathered some of the best survival hatchets, based on user ratings and reviews.

What Kind of Hatchet to Use when Camping?

Coleman Camp Axe

Coleman Camp Axe | Image Source – Amazon

This is an incredible bargain for a hatchet. It is priced competitively and the quality of this tool is good enough to get the job done. This steelhead, rubber grip survival hatchet comes with a nylon sheath and has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Buy Coleman at Amazon


  • Weighs 0.82 Kg – 2.8lbs
  • High carbon steel – lifetime warranty
  • Over molded rubber grip handle
  • Includes a sheath with belt loop
  • Overall length: 19 inches

UST Parahatchet FS

UST Parahatchet FS | Image Source – Amazon

Another great choice for a hatchet. It is one of the most lightweight hatchets on the market, which makes this an excellent piece of gear for backpacking campers.

Buy UST Parahatchet FS at Amazon


  • Weighs 0.25 Kg – 0.6lbs
  • Comes with a carrier, making it easy to belt or strap on
  • High carbon steel head with rubber grip handle
  • Overall length: 12.7 inches

Gerber Bear Grills Survival Hatchet

Gerber Bear Grills | Image Source – Amazon

This camp hatchet is small in size, but substantial enough to get the job done. It is a must-have for any backpacker as it can help you make a fire starter or slice up food with ease. Since it has Bear Grylls signature on it, this hatchet comes highly recommended by many survival enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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  • Weighs 0.41 Kg – 1lbs
  • Combines an ax and a hammer, eliminating the need for another tool
  • High carbon steel head with rubber grip handle
  • Overall length: 9 inches (ax head) and 12.7 inches (overall length)

How to Choose the Best Hatchet? 

It is vital to choose the best hatchet if you are planning on a camping trip outdoors in the wild. When choosing the best hatchet, certain criteria have to be met to make the decision.

Evaluation Criteria for Choosing the Best Hatchet


When choosing the best survival hatchet, it is vital to choose one made from steel or stainless steel. It is also important to note that nylon handles are more durable than wood handles.

Weight and Size

In a survival situation, you must choose a hatchet with less weight, especially when backpacking or hiking long distances. The size of your hatchet has to do with its dimensions and purpose. If you want something that will help you cut meat while hunting, then you could opt for an extra blade that comes with the hatchet. If you are looking to cut wood for your campfire, look out for a thicker handle.  

Head Weight

The head weight is important because it explains how much force you can expect from your hatchet. If you are looking for a lighter hatchet, choose one with 1 pound or less. A heavier hatchet will be able to chop thicker wood logs. Hatchets made of stainless steel tend to be lighter than other materials like carbon steel.

Fiskars x7 Hatchet

Fiskars x7 Hatchet | Image Source – Amazon

This is an amazing hatchet for its price. It feels solid and high quality and you can use it as a survival hatchet for camping. It is very accurate, well balanced and the Fiskars X7 blade geometry ensures that all your swings will hit the right spot every time. The handle is also from FiberComp which reduces the overall weight of the ax without compromising strength or durability.

This Fiskars x7 hatchet is great for camping, hunting, backpacking, or cutting wood at home. Just remember it is not designed for heavy chopping. If you are looking to chop down trees, then this hatchet will not be the best pick. However, it works excellent as an all-purpose survival hatchet too.


Ceramics, and Steel


1.71 Pounds

Length with Handle

16.5 Inches

Why Did Backpackers Choose it and Where You Can Get it?

It is the best hatchet for backpacking because it is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to use. This Hatchet has a g10 handle that ensures durability without adding too much weight to the pack. It also comes with a ballistic nylon sheath which makes storage simple. Overall this is an excellent survival hatchet for any camper or backpacker.

How to Use it Properly

This is a multi-purpose hatchet that can be used as an ax, knife, or hammer. It comes with three blades which makes it perfect for many different tasks. The first blade should be used as a spearhead for protection, the second blade can be used to skin your catch or to prepare food and the third blade should be used as a hammer. The Fiskars triple-headed hatchet is perfect for camping, hunting, or outdoor trips.

How to Clean

You can clean the hatchet by wiping it with a soft, dry cloth. If there are stuck particles on your hatchet blades, then you can use some oil to easily remove them.

Moreover, the sheath of the hatchet can be washed with water and soap.

Reviews on Amazon

Reviews | Image Source – Amazon

FAQs Related to Fiskars x7 Hatchet

Fiskars x7 Hatchet | Image Source – Amazon

What is the Steel Type in the Fiskars X7 Hatchet?

The blade is made of forged high carbon steel. The handle is made of glass-filled nylon.

What Kind of Warranty does Fiskars Give?

All Fiskars products come with a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship when used for their intended purpose. They also have a 25-year limited rust protection warranty from your date of purchase for all steel products under 15% chromium content by weight, including axes, hatchets, and wedges.

Is the Fiskars X7 Hatchet Good for Survival or Bushcraft?

Yes, The Fiskars X7 is a great camp ax/hatchet/tomahawk due to its size and weight.

Why is the Fiskars X7 Hatchet a good “bushcraft” ax?

The Fiskars X7 is a great bushcraft hatchet due to its size and weight. You can use it for just about any job around the campsite or in the house. The handle has excellent grip, balance, and power transfer.

How Good is the Fiskars X7 Hatchet for Splitting?

The 14.5″ handle on this hatchet makes it very easy to split with, even large pieces of wood are not too difficult to split. The blade is great to hit along the grain of a piece of wood, making it an excellent camp ax/hatchet.

When will the X7 Hatchet Come Back in Stock?

We are constantly restocking this item, however, it is currently out of stock. Please click on the “Notify Me” tab to be emailed when this product comes in.


To sum up, the best survival hatchet for camping may seem a challenge for some guys. But it’s not, because Fiskars X7 is the best splitting hatchet we could recommend to you if you want a reliable and durable bushcraft hatchet or camping ax with a good grip and superb balance.

Moreover, check out these tips on how to pack your backpack in the rucksack style to save space for convenience.

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