Learn Survival Skills from Reality Shows

Learn Survival Skills from Reality Shows

Let’s Start with This Thought,

Survival skills from reality shows have been an essential part of our lives, both as individuals and as a society. Moreover, we all will need those skills to survive in the wild or even at home. Relying on reality shows is, therefore, a good idea because we get complete and detailed explanations about the survival skills we want to learn.

We can’t simply rely on what we see in these shows, and this is why we’ll only mention the shows that provide us with information that’s easy to understand. We must emphasize that there are many other survival reality shows but creating a list of the best would be a difficult task. We will only mention the shows that have been widely recognized by their audiences and critics alike.

Before anything  let’s first look into the,

Things to Know when Watching Reality shows About Survival Skills in the Wild

Most importantly these survival skills from reality shows were never meant to be instructional guidelines, and we must remember that the shows were created for entertainment purposes only. With this in mind, we can safely assume that we will not find useful information or step-by-step instructions on survival skills, and everything else is simply a dramatization of events.

Some survival shows, however, were inspired by real-life incidents while others didn’t have any connection to actual incidents, but it doesn’t matter because what really matters is learning from these shows. You’ll learn how to cope with harsh conditions even if you’re miles away from civilization, armed only with the gear you bring along and your wits.

We should also mention that most reality TV shows about survival skills don’t focus on extreme measures necessary when dealing with dangerous animals or other dangerous people.

A Reality TV Show Can Teach You the Following Survival Skills

Food Gathering – There are many shows that deal with food gathering in the wild which means you can learn to gather wild berries and mushrooms by using special tools, but it’s crucial that you know your area before attempting this kind of thing.

Fire Making – Most survival reality TV shows feature fire-making because it’s one of the most important skills to have when dealing with harsh weather conditions. The good news is that building a fire isn’t difficult at all, although there are many techniques used by professionals.

Shelter Building – It doesn’t matter if you want to spend a night in nature or simply build something so you can cook your food while camping out, knowing how to build a shelter is essential. Shelter building is a skill that you’ll need in cold locations as well as hot ones. Hence it’s best if you learn all the necessary techniques before going on an adventure outside your comfort zone.

Navigation – Being able to find your way back home without being lost can be quite complicated. Further it would be better if you know how not to get lost in the first place. Learning Navigation skills will help you identify constellations, plan the shortest route towards where you’re headed. Moreover, you will be able to avoid getting lost by using certain landmarks or roads traveled by drivers.

In order to start this adventure, we’ll list some of the most popular shows from around the world. This means that you can learn survival skills from reality TV no matter where in the world you’re located.

Top 8 Shows with Survival Skills

1. Survivorman – Top Film Survival

Survival Skills from Reality Shows
Survivorman | Image Courtesy – Amazon Images

Les Stroud, a survivalist and expert of the outdoors, heads alone into remote locations with no food or water. He must use his knowledge of wilderness survival to survive for up to ten days until some rescue party locates him.

Survivorman features some spectacular moments and it looks like Les Stroud has fun filming this show, but what makes it more interesting is that this guy tests his limits on many different occasions something that not many people would do intentionally.

2. Man Vs Wild

Man Vs Wild | Image Courtesy – Pinterest

Bear Grylls, the host of the show, isn’t alone when he’s on location. He has two teams with him; one team searches for him while another stays in contact with the production crew that produces the show.

The thing is that Bear Grylls wasn’t always alone or without food and water during filming like some people think, but this is only for entertainment purposes only.

Once you find yourself in a survival situation it’s best to keep your mind focused on getting back home safely instead of having fun. This includes staying away from doing crazy things like jumping off cliffs or wrestling alligators. You’ll need to make sure you can focus before making any rash decisions. This is because there are times when a wrong decision can mean life or death. The practice Bear Grylls does beforehand is to prepare him for anything, even if it means wrestling a polar bear.

3. Alone(Alone is a survival TV show produced by History Channel)

Survival Skills from Reality Shows
Alone | Image Courtesy – Pinterest

The show revolves around a person who’s dropped anywhere in the US and he must use his survival skills to make it back home alive. The contestants usually only have a backpack and one personal item and they don’t use any kind of GPS or navigation equipment.

There’s a big chance that you won’t be able to survive in the wilderness if you’ve never been in a survival situation before. However, it will definitely make you appreciate every little thing from your home.

Alone is a reality TV show with harsh conditions. This is mostly because contestants should prepare to go for long periods. This includes traveling without food and water while trying to get back home alive. The worse these contestants feel, the better it is to watch them attempt to find their way out of the forest. The show involves filming by several cameras around them.

4. Dual Survival – a good film about survival

Dual Survival | Image Courtesy – Pinterest

This teaches some of the best survival skills from reality shows. The storyline is around a person who’s in the wilderness and he must use skills to survive.

This is something like Survivorman because there are no cameras. Moreover, each episode is somewhere unique such as jungles, mountains, etc…

The great thing about Dual Survival is that there are two experts struggling; one expert tries to survive without any help while another expert helps him out with anything he might need like food and water. Dual Survival teaches some of the best real-life survival skills from reality TV shows.

In order to see what these survival experts do for real, you need to check out the show and see if they were able to survive or not.

If you learn survival skills from reality shows then you’ll realize that it’s a bit different than going on a trip with your buddies where you’re planning on having fun. This is serious business and one wrong decision could lead to something bad happening. It might take a while before someone finds them, even though they have a map and compass. This is because their range of vision is at the limit when stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

5. Marooned With Ed Stafford

Marooned | Image Courtesy – Pinterest

Ed Stafford, an adventurer, has walked the length of the Amazon River. He is the first person to accomplish that.

The only possessions he does have are his ripped jeans, a knife with no handle, some hooks, and a line with bait attached. This is as pre-preparation in case he’s able to catch any fish. He also brings with his matches in order to make fire when needed. Mostly because without heat you won’t be able to cook whatever you’re about to eat, especially raw meat. Imagine trying your luck catching raw wild chicken or goanna when snakes aren’t uncommon on this particular island? This could get tricky if an animal attacks you while trying to catch something to eat.

Ed survived a total of 60 days without any help from home. However, the good thing is that producer had been dropping his supplies every now and then. These include food, water, clothes, tools, etc…

The only problems he had to face were injuries so even if you don’t learn survival skills from reality shows or TV episodes at least you can still use these series as a guide for what to do when accidents happen. As long as there’s no water involved it should be alright. This is because there are other resources around you that you could use in case anything happens.

6. Life Below Zero: Habilidades de Supervivencia en Lugares Difíciles

Survival Skills from Reality Show
Life Below Zero | Image Courtesy – Pinterest

According to the show, Sue is living in the wilderness with her husband, but without any supplies. Her husband has to go back home in order to get supplies for their ice castle. This is what they call their home because it’s located out of snow and ice.

This isn’t your usual survival series. This is because Sue must find food while building her own house. Further, she has to make sure not to fall victim to predators like big cats or wolves. These predators could walk by entirely unaware of humans walking around.

The best thing about this show is that these animals are wild; there won’t be anyone dropping them food items every day unless they’re close enough to threaten you. Some animals might even take advantage of your presence and sneak up on you while trying to get inside your hearth where you might have some food stored.

7. I Shouldn’t Be Alive

I Shouldn’t be Alive | Image Courtesy – Pinterest

This amazing show that has aired on Discovery Channel features survivors of extraordinary ordeals.

These are people who lived to tell the tale about how they survived their tragedies. These include facing a mudslide, surviving car crashes, or even shipwrecks. The show will leave you astonished at how these people managed to survive the worst things that could happen to them. Most importantly what they did after they found themselves in life-threatening situations. This is an awesome way for anyone who is crazy about survival skills. Moreover, you will get to see exactly what it takes to survive against all odds. The show provides examples of positive thinking. Further, use your wits no matter what situation you might find yourself in unexpectedly.

8. The Legend Of Mick Dodge

The Legend of Mike Dodge | Image Courtesy – Pinterest

Leaving behind everything for a simpler life is not as easy as it seems, but Mick Dodge was able to pull it off by living in the Hoh Rain Forest of Washington State.

He has been there for 25 years and his only tools are what nature provides him with. These include the animals that live around him. As far as food goes he usually eats wild fish and berries since there aren’t any grocery stores nearby. That does seem like something simple enough until you’re stuck looking at your childrens’ pictures and realizing just how much you miss them each day.

This show isn’t recommendable because Mick doesn’t go through physical struggles during episodes. However, he definitely goes through mental ones instead: he misses his family and modern entertainment so much it hurts. This isn’t something you want to see your favorite characters go through, which makes the story uninteresting.

It provides some insight into what it takes to live off the grid without modern amenities. So this is something that does provide value for survival skills.

In conclusion, the above are some of the greatest shows for people who are into survival skills. I hope you have a better idea of what to watch after reading this article. Moreover, it is extremely important to prepare yourself with the right confidence when traveling. It will be helpful in any situation.

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