Is Backpacking Alone Dangerous? Important Tackling Tips when in Wilderness

Is Backpacking Alone Dangerous? Important Tackling Tips when in Wilderness

If you are wondering about “Is backpacking alone dangerous?”, then you should read this article. In today’s world, when our lives are so fast-paced and busy, it can be very rewarding to get away from things for a bit. If you are out in the woods or on an adventure with only yourself, your thoughts are forced to slow down. You have time for contemplation, exploration of self, and connecting with nature in a way that is simply not possible when you’re rushing to get work done, or worrying about the kids.

A lot of people choose to go backpacking alone for this very reason. However, some feel that it is dangerous or unwise to travel by yourself while out in the wilderness. The question we will answer for you today is, “Is backpacking alone dangerous?”.

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Are You a Professional Backpacker?

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Different angles of view are important when dealing with the topic “Are You a Professional Backpacker?”. Below are a few aspects to consider as you contemplate the topic.

Have You Been to a Lot of Countries?

If you have been to a lot of countries all by yourself, then you can consider yourself a professional backpacker. Moreover, traveling alone to several countries require self-reliance and unconditional preparation.

Travel in Different Terrains Alone

It is very important to note that traveling on different terrains alone requires a lot of physical strength. If you have managed to master a challenging number of terrains alone, then you can consider yourself a professional backpacker.

Over 10 Years of Backpacking

When did you start your journey in backpacking? Five years in the making with a few destinations would not qualify you as a professional backpacker. A minimum of 10 years and at least 50 countries is what you require to qualify.

Accumulated Many Survival Skills

It takes a lot of survival skills to last in backpacking for about 10 years. If you have managed to master a few things, then it is easy to consider yourself a professional backpacker.

Is Backpacking Really Dangerous?

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When it comes to the topic “Is Backpacking Dangerous?“, the answer is always a BIG YES.

In most parts of the world, accommodation is not guaranteed. In most cases, you will find yourself camping under the open sky or in a tent that leaves you prone to attacks from dangerous animals. Below are two ways to answer this question.

Backpacking Alone

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When you are out alone it can be dangerous if you lack the right information and skills. Since you do not have a companion to watch your back and share risks, backpacking alone can be very dangerous if:

You Do Not Have Safety Tips

You need to take time and learn safety tips before traveling alone. The more prepared you are for your trip, the higher your chances of minimizing risks.

Have You Not Practiced Skills Before?

If you have never practiced before, likely, you might not know the right way to go about backpacking alone. If this is your first time, you should consider learning skills before embarking on risky adventures.

The Dangerous Stories

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Experienced backpackers have shared some of their dangerous backpacking stories. Many of them are true, while some were false. So, some of these stories may be true while others are not. You will find many people sharing their travel experiences on social media to inform the public.

  • One story talks about a couple who went backpacking in Europe and found themselves stranded on top of a mountain without enough food or water to last them the night. Fortunately, they had survived and returned with their lives intact.
  • Another story is about a man who was traveling alone and ended up sleeping outside in a forest. He woke up with a python wrapped around his neck. In the process of freeing himself from the snake, he ended up injuring himself and was later saved by some hunters who went searching for him after days.
  • A third story involves a man who traveled to Africa without being prepared for the trip and did not have any food when he arrived in the African jungle. Fortunately, he was rescued in time after being in agony for four days.

Note to Readers

The above-mentioned stories are just three of many dangerous backpacking stories out there. If you want to be part of this category, then you should know what you are doing so that your backpacking adventure does not turn into a dangerous ordeal.

Scary Things to Consider when Backpacking Alone

No Friend to Help

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There will be times when traveling with friends might not be possible. At such times, you need to know how to deal with certain situations on your own. If you are not confident that you can do this, then you should avoid traveling alone.

Missing Family 

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You might find it is hard to be away from your family and friends, especially when venturing into a new destination. This can make you vulnerable in some situations if you travel alone. If this does not put you in a positive state of mind, then you should wait until such times when traveling with friends becomes possible.

Encounter Dangerous Animals

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If you are not well-versed with the animals that are available in your destination, then it might be very dangerous for you to travel alone. For example, if you are planning to go on a safari holiday and lack information about the animals that you might encounter, then you should avoid traveling alone.

Unknown Type of Existence (Ghosts)

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There are many people out there who have reported seeing ghosts in some corners of the world. This is another factor that might make you think twice before traveling alone.

Losing The Battle and Lose Life

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If you are not well prepared with the necessary safety gear, then it might be very dangerous for you to travel alone. If your trip is not properly planned and executed, instead of having fun; you might lose your life in the process.

Possible Kidnapping

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Many people have been kidnapped and held for ransom while traveling alone. This has happened to both young and old individuals, which is why you should be extra careful if you want to avoid such an experience.

  • One traveler was kidnapped by locals after getting lost in the wilds of New Zealand, while another one was kidnapped from a music festival in Glastonbury, England.
  • Another traveler was taken hostage while visiting a barbershop in Daly City, California. The kidnappers demanded money before setting the victim free after two days.
  • A couple of young travelers were kidnapped at knifepoint by Midwestern State University students during an Oktoberfest celebration in Germany. Fortunately, they were set free after two days and there was no mention of ransom demands.

Hence, it can be very dangerous for a person to travel alone without having done enough research about the destination and its dangers.

What to Know Before Backpacking Alone?

Below are some important tips on what you should know before your backpacking trip.


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You should go for a well-equipped trip to reduce your chances of encountering any dangerous animals. You can add either pepper spray or a multipurpose tool to your gear if you fear meeting with wild animals while traveling alone. Also, make sure you have the necessary safety equipment such as knives, matches and other fire starters, etc…

Food and Water

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You should carry enough food and water with you to avoid dying of hunger or thirst. If you are not sure about the availability of these necessities, then it would be better if you travel with someone else.

Travel Knowledge

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Find out about the animals, insects, and other living creatures that are available in your destination. Also, try to get information on all the dangerous places in your location so you can avoid them while traveling alone. Moreover, weather checkers are always available on different sites, so make the best use of them.

Survival Skills

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Learn as many survival skills as you can to protect yourself from any danger that might befall your life if you travel alone.

With the right knowledge of survival skills, it can be safe for you to travel alone without getting into any trouble.


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If you are planning to travel alone, then you need to ensure that you bring clothes and bags of your choice. It would be better if you chose lightweight items since they can be carried anywhere without much effort.

Detailed Plan

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It can be very risky for someone to travel alone without having a detailed plan. To have a well-planned trip, you should know where you are going, how you would reach there, and what all things you need to do when you get down at your destination point.


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You should carry enough money with you since it can be necessary for you at times. Make sure that the cash is not in traveler’s checks instead of carrying it in your pocket so that you are less likely to lose it or have it stolen by other individuals. You can exchange a traveler’s check after reaching your destination if you do not wish to carry that much cash with you.

Personal Papers

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You need to carry your documents with you during the travel. If some other individual tries to steal them, then he can easily find out about your home address, which may turn into a big issue. Hence, it is better if you have an insurance policy so that any loss of money or belongings can be compensated without having to worry much about them.

How to Face Your Fear of “Is Backpacking Alone Dangerous?”

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To face your fears of backpacking alone, you should try to go on a solo trip at least once. This way, you will be able to learn the necessary tips and tricks which can keep you safe when traveling alone in the future. In case something bad happens, then you will learn how to deal with the situation without panicking much.

You can plan a solo trip to a less dangerous place so that you can gain the confidence to go on a difficult trip by yourself without having any major issues.

Once you have completed your solo trip, then you will realize that there is nothing that can cause serious harm to your life. In case something bad happens, then you will know how to deal with it effectively and protect yourself from any danger.

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What is The Best Time to Go Alone on a Solo Trip?

You should travel alone without having anyone with you during the low season. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of money which can otherwise be spent on your travel partner’s expenses.

Where Is The Safest Place to Travel Alone?

You should choose places which are known for their beauty rather than the dangerous ones. Plus, you will be able to enjoy your solo trip in a much better way if you visit a place where there are other people as well.

Why is Solo Backpacking Dangerous?

There are several risks associated with it so you must be very careful while choosing the right place to go. Moreover, you need to ensure that you have gathered enough information about the current situation of the place where you want to visit, before leaving your home.

How can Solo Trekkers Stay Safe?

They must remain aware of their surroundings at all times. In this way, you will be able to identify any suspicious activities or individuals who can put your life at risk during the travel. Hence, it is better if you take necessary precautions to avoid such risks which may turn out to be harmful to your life.

When Going on a Solo Trip is it Better to Travel Alone or in a Group?

Yes, it is. You should always prefer traveling in groups rather than being alone. While you are traveling with others, there are several things which you will have to worry about. On the other hand, when you are traveling alone, then nothing can bother you much during the journey. Hence, you should travel in groups.


To conclude, it can be said that solo traveling is not as dangerous as it seems to be. It is only your fear which makes you believe that this form of traveling is harmful and should thus be avoided by you at all cost. Hence, if you want to explore the beautiful places on earth and live life king size, then you must choose a travel partner and leave your worries behind.

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