Volunteer Vacations in the USA – Inspirational Traveling for the New Year

Volunteer Vacations in the USA – Inspirational Traveling for the New Year

Volunteer vacations in the USA are something to look forward to if you are the type of person who loves to travel, explore and experience new cultures. The USA is home to some of the most diverse communities in the world. It is also one of the countries that host the biggest number of volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering vacations are common during summer break or winter vacation if you’re currently enrolled in college or university. The concept works the same way as working holidays only that it’s done with other people taking up other unpaid jobs. This will allow them to take time off from their jobs to do something more meaningful than just sitting at home all day long.

Volunteering helps build character by creating self-awareness through humility, and love through relationship building. Moreover, it will create resilience by helping others prevail over challenges. Volunteering also makes an individual emotionally and socially stronger because you’ll see things you won’t be able to unsee.

A Volunteer Helping Out with Kids | Image Source – Pexels

What Are Some Benefits of Volunteering in the USA?

If you want to give back and still be able to travel and see the world, then this is something right up your alley.

There are tons of volunteering opportunities in the USA for students who want to take a break from their regular schedules. It also gives an opportunity to go out into the world and experience new cultures. Here are some of the benefits that students can gain from U.S. volunteer vacations as shared by those who have been there before:

  • You get to learn about how you can best help others through taking an active role in community service projects
  • Get a chance to meet people from other communities across America with different stories but similar struggles as well as share their own stories/experiences which make it a huge learning experience
  • You get to explore the country while you discover more about your community and themselves
  • Discover what makes your heart want to serve others even more after experiencing it firsthand

How Do I Find Volunteer Vacations in the USA?

Unfortunately, not all volunteer opportunities are similar. There are agencies (both online and offline) that charge their volunteers for nothing in return aside from several pieces of paper that say they were “here” when they were just sightseeing instead of volunteering. This is very misleading because these companies make sure they provide clients with a different image than reality. With this scenario, most students end up getting disappointed (which is needless to say). This is because their expectations were high but the only thing they end up accomplishing is a negative experience.

So how do you know which volunteer programs to trust and which ones to avoid? Here are some suggestions:

  • Always ask for an in-person meeting with the organization’s coordinator before committing yourself to anything. Volunteering is something you shouldn’t take lightly. So it would be best if you inquire about the information first before making a decision!
  • Check their background and see if there is any complaints or even talks about them in social media blogs/sites. This is because people love sharing their bad experiences more than good ones.
  • Think about what you want and how this can help your community and others around the world when choosing where to volunteer at. This is mostly because not all volunteer experiences are created equal. Further, not all opportunities can provide you with life-long memories that will benefit you in the long run
  • Always carry out due diligence so you won’t be risking anything when joining a volunteer program abroad. Educating yourself is one of the most important things you need to do before committing yourself to anything!

The Kind of Volunteer Vacations in the USA

Camp Counselor at Summer Camps

Camp Counselors | Image Source – Campcamp Images

One of the most common volunteering opportunities in the USA is working as a camp counselor. This is mostly possible and popular at summer camps for kids. This allows you to spend time with children and help them learn more about various aspects of life. Teaching can include topics as making friends, sharing, taking turns, and more. You’ll be their role model so you must set a good example. It might be difficult at first because kids can be unpredictable but it’s all part of the fun! In reality, no two days will ever be alike as there are some days when you feel like this was just another day while some days were nothing short of amazing.


Volunteer at Farm | Image Source – Pexels

Another popular option for those interested in volunteer vacations is working as a farmhand or fieldhand during harvest season. This allows you to experience a different kind of lifestyle as many people who live in the country are often hardworking and very simple. They’re also among the most generous people because they have everything that they need and nothing more.

Caretaker for Animals

Animal Caretaker | Image Source – Pexels

A unique volunteering opportunity is working as a caretaker for animals at animal sanctuaries or zoos. The work may be challenging but it’s all worth it when you get to spend time with non-human friends who make us realize how beautiful life can be even if we are not human ourselves. Also, doing volunteer work on an animal sanctuary means becoming part of a community where you help protect defenseless animals from harm while giving them love and company.

Teaching English as Second Language

Under Privileged Kids | Image Source – Pexels

Another popular form of volunteering vacation in the USA is teaching English to adults and kids who are learning the language. There are various ways to do this such as teaching online or offline while working for an educational institution or privately through tutoring. The important thing is you get to spend time with people who’ll appreciate your efforts in helping them achieve their goals whether it’s learning enough English so they can apply for a job abroad, communicate better with other people in America or even pass an English exam.

Online opportunities also allow you to work from home and enjoy flexible hours which means more time for yourself when you need it most. In addition, these types of volunteering vacations allow you to earn money without spending too much on expenses such as transportation fare and gas since everything is provided by the organization looking for help.

However, no matter how you choose to do your volunteering vacation in the USA, you should always make sure that the organization or program is legitimate. This is possible by checking online reviews and ratings as well as researching more about their activities through various sources such as social media pages, websites, and forums.

Where to Go?

The US has many popular travel destinations for those who are passionate about traveling in volunteer vacations. If you’re looking for an urban experience then cities like New York or San Francisco might suit your taste. There are also countless opportunities in rural areas especially if you’re planning to do farm work during harvest season. Be mindful though that not all states offer programs where you get to work on farms because there are some laws regarding health and safety when it comes to children.

Finally, if you’re passionate about helping animals then there are various animal sanctuaries all over the country where you can make a difference by having fun while doing volunteer work. Don’t forget that your efforts will never go to waste because many of these animals have been abused or neglected before being brought into the sanctuary for protection and care. As a result, they need human contact to help them feel loved again which means volunteering with animals is equally rewarding for volunteers as well as rescued animals who finally get all the love they deserve.

Best Volunteer Programs in the USA

IVHQ Volunteer Programs

With volunteers over 114,000 people who have chosen to volunteer with IVHQ since its inception in 2008, you can join the movement by applying for their programs starting as low as $220 per week. This covers accommodation, meals, and 24/7 support during your journey of volunteering abroad.

Some current destinations available are Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Diego where they provide different types of opportunities that would suit both students or professionals looking to volunteer with IVHQ. These are only but some of the best USA-based volunteer vacation program providers today whose goal is to make your experience an unforgettable one.

These year-round programs offer one of the best volunteer vacations in the USA and beyond. Their programs are all about sustainability. They also partner with some of the best local organizations around the world to provide their volunteers with unique experiences that will let them learn a lot along the way.

They have a very easy application process which you can opt to pay through installments for your convenience. IVHQ also takes pride in being highly flexible. Hence don’t be afraid to change your destination or dates of adventure if need be!

About Volunteering HQ

Founded in 2007, Volunteering HQ is a leading volunteer organization with over 15 years of experience in providing affordable opportunities to travel and give back globally. On their website, you’ll find 11 amazing destinations where you can choose from internationally-recognized projects ranging from teaching English as a second language.

Moreover, Volunteering HQ is a member of the International Volunteer Headquarters Association (IVHQ) – an international network of volunteering companies that uphold the highest safety and quality.

Love Volunteers

This will be one of the best trips for you. Especially if you are passionate about volunteer vacations, animal care, and training. They have plenty of opportunities ranging from teaching children in Africa, building homes for communities in need in Oceania. Further, you can even experience dog training in Mexico.

Volunteering HQ is another international volunteer organization that has been providing affordable, life-changing opportunities to people who want to give back through volunteering and travel since 2007.

They have established operational bases around the world. The foundation allows them to maintain quality standards of excellence when it comes to selecting projects for their clients. This means you can be confident about the effectiveness of the experience you will get from your project, regardless of the location of hosting.

Their partners go through a process of daily monitoring. This way they make sure that all volunteers’ interests and needs are met. Moreover, they look into it that safety measures are always prioritized at all times! So with this kind of philosophy in place, there’s no wonder why it is one of the best volunteer programs in the USA today.

Volunteers Rescuing a Dolphin | Image Source – Pexels


This is one of the great volunteer vacations in the USA for those who are pet or animal lovers. This is a program that will give you exposure to animal care and management.

Volunteering at Fronteering will get your adrenaline pumping and fulfill every fantasy of being an outdoorsman. The projects you can avail of here range from Upland Game Hunting in Arkansas to the Husky Education and Therapy Centre in Alaska, where you’ll learn how to take care of Siberian huskies. Moreover, cycle around in stunning natural landscapes in between sessions.

Love Volunteers also works with their partners to include special programs such as surfing, diving, sailing, zip-lining, and much more. Their professional staff’s motto is for volunteers to “Go Wild”. This means that it’s up to them if they want to add one or two wild experiences to their trip without charging too much.

All Hands and Hearts

This is a USA volunteer program that’s available in 15 locations around the country, from California to Florida. Like most US volunteer trips, it offers projects in disaster relief, rebuilding communities and homes after the devastation of natural disasters.

All Hands and Hearts is unique in that its programs are free. While it’s always a good idea to fundraise, as the program relies on donations alone, you won’t be struggling with an expensive program fee. This way you may not limit yourself to opportunities to help rebuild lives.

The volunteer projects here include working with injuries by natural disasters through cooking classes, art therapy sessions. You may even be able to work for pet therapy where they get to play with dogs! They also offer more challenging work like debris removal which allows volunteers to meet new people from across the US. This is possible while getting hands-on experience putting their strength to use for a good cause.


To conclude, volunteer vacations in the USA are one of the great options to explore while on a vacation. It would be very insightful and fulfilling to volunteer in your chosen project. The USA is popular for its open culture so you won’t feel any difficulty or difficulty communicating with the locals there. You’ll get an opportunity to explore different cities, beautiful landscapes, try out different cuisines. Moreover to meet amazing people along the way!

Always remember to learn some survival skills through reality TV shows. Also start reading and learning out some tips on how to travel with confidence. This way, you will be able to go out there on your own and enjoy the experience!

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